Two Network Rail competitions will launch 2 December: briefing event 5 December

Posted on: 30/10/2019

Two competitions are due to open that are looking for innovative approaches to help deliver Network Rail’s future infrastructure requirements

Innovate UK, on behalf of Network Rail is due to launch two competitions on 2 December 2019.  KTN will hold a briefing event and webcast for both competitions on 5 December 2019 Рyou can access the booking information for both here.


The two competitions are:

  1. SBRI: Innovation in automated survey processing for railway structure gauging, Phase 1
  2. SBRI: Innovation in railway platform end and edge technology


For the first competition Network Rail is looking for innovative approaches that will help to deliver its future infrastructure requirements through a demonstration of technology to automatically process point cloud gauging data.  For the second it needs a solution to detect and deter trespass onto the railway from platform ends and edges.


SBRI: Innovation in automated survey processing for railway structure gauging, Phase 1

Network Rail will invest up to £720,000 (plus VAT). An extra £1.08m (plus VAT) will be available for phase 2. This will support the development of a demonstrator for automated structure gauging data processing. Gauging is the process through which Network Rail ensures adequate clearance between passing trains and lineside objects and features. The objective of this competition is to demonstrate innovations to Network Rail that will enhance the interpretation of point-cloud data, providing accurate information on the location and identity of trackside features to enable accurate gauging clearance processing.


SBRI: Innovation in railway platform end and edge technology

Network Rail will invest up to £1.08m (plus VAT). Key challenges faced by Network Rail include trespass at platform ends and edges (e.g. fare evasion, shortcuts) and incursion over platform ends and edges to commit crime (e.g. cable theft, vandalism). Network Rail is seeking to demonstrate the capability of physical and/or technological solutions to combat these challenges. The solution must be scalable to suit a variety of station environments and will be tested through trials at multiple live station environments.


A briefing event will be held in London on 5 December 2019 where you can learn more about the competitions.  If you cannot join the event in person, we will also be running a webcast on 5 December.  To book, follow the links below:

Briefing event, 5 December, London – book here.

Webcast, 5 December, 10:30-13:30 – book here.

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