Transforming medical imaging scanning with help from KTN

Posted on: 26/06/2018

Find out how KTN helped support the R&D development of Adaptix’s pioneering 3D imaging technology.

Mark Evans, CE O Adaptix Imaging

“Every entrepreneur believes their investor pitch is perfect and investors will be falling over themselves to invest in their business. KTN’s Access to Funding and Finance team opened my eyes. They helped me develop my proposition, questioned my growth aspirations and helped me refine my pitch that successfully ‘sealed the deal’.
Their knowledge and expertise was invaluable.”

Introducing Adaptix

Adaptix is aiming to transform medical imaging by allowing 3D imaging with no moving parts from a cheap and highly portable solution. Like Oxford Instruments which pioneered the magnetic coils at the heart of MRI scanners, Oxford based Adaptix is developing an innovative technology that will power a new generation of medical scanners. The Adaptix team hopes that the global healthcare impact and economic impact to the UK will be similar.

How did KTN help?

Adaptix have had a long relationship with the Access to Funding and Finance team at KTN and Ian Tracey, along
with his colleagues, have provided help over a number of years. KTN has helped Adaptix better understand the proposition offered to investors and has made introductions to great people both in the private and public investment space. Mark Evans said, “KTN events attract the right crowd of people to help entrepreneurs succeed. They have added significant value to our investment proposition by listening to the investment pitch and asking challenging questions to ensure the proposition is tailored to the needs of serious investors.”

To find out more about the Adaptix journey and what happened next download the KTN case study here

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