Total Control Pro Ltd help clients start their Industry 4.0 journey

Posted on: 10/01/2018

Total Control Pro Ltd help clients start their Industry 4.0 journey

5 companies to become a Smart Factory Showcase for Industry 4.0

Total Control Pro Limited – the company that provides Smart Track and Trace cloud based production line software and hardware – have been awarded a grant to support Northamptonshire Manufacturers start their journey to Smarter Manufacturing, and industry 4.0

They are offering 5 Companies (with 1 confirmed already) the opportunity to be a Smart Factory Showcase; they can choose to apply this to a single area of their production line or the whole line and have significant subsidy for the process, in fact, the full offering for the showcase period is not more than £195 per month. Full details on the PDF attached with this email.

The Showcase factories will also have full insight and access to Manufacturing Intelligence Data and TotalControlPro‚Ñ¢ Expert on demand advise.

The Manufacturing team at KTN are working closely with Total Control Pro and have been instrumental in introducing them to key industry contacts. Here is what some of their clients are already saying with the software installed:

“… we have recouped an average of 30 minutes per day per operator of lost production time on the production floor, and turned it into productive output. … as a Director of the company it is currently saving me over 2 hours per day…”
Chris Barette, Financial Director, Zircotec Limited, Oxfordshire
Sector: Automotive
Size: 25 Shop Floor Operators

“… we selected TotalControlPro™ for its simplicity and its customisation over complicated alternatives…  … we integrated the system easily with our current business and workflow systems…”

“…we are currently recovering over 10,000 hours of lost production per year…”

Craig Broetzmann, Production Manager, Strattec Security Corporation
Sector: Fabrication Plant
Size: 50 Shop Floor Operators

“… we saw a 15% improvement in direct labour efficiency and 10% less downtime on average per product line…”

“… we had the system up and running within the week…

Mohammad Karoush, Automation and Control Engineer, Rubbermaid Inc
Sector: Metal Goods Fabricator
Size: +150 Shop Floor Operators

“… TotalControlPro™ gives us powerful traceability of our product and our people as we grow…”
“… we’ve tripled our headcount in 18 months…,  …the second facility was up, running and integrated within a few days…”

Pat Lynch, Commercial Director, Integrated Doorset Solutions Limited, Nottinghamshire
Sector: Construction РDoorset and ironmongery solutions
Size: +150 Shop Floor Operators

Dolores Sanders, Strategy Marketing and Performance Director at Total Control Pro said, ‚ÄúThe KTN and¬†Innovate UK have been instrumental in helping us make the right industry connections and shape the future expansion plans of our business.¬†Malcolm Harold¬†(KTN Digital Manufacturing Specialist)has helped us ‚Äòlift our head above the parapet‚Äô and see what‚Äôs happening over the horizon to ensure the business stays ahead of the market”.

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