Tips for Writing Quality Horizon 2020 Proposals

Posted on: 29/01/2019

KTN presents a range of training videos for UK companies in how to write a successful project proposal for European funding.


If you want to participate in a European project and contribute to writing a successful project proposal, where do you start?

KTN, in collaboration with the National Contact Points, and support from Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), recently hosted a one day Proposal Quality Workshop in London “Delivering Excellence in Horizon 2020 Project Proposals” on how to write a successful project proposal, including advice on European Funding post Brexit. If you were unable to attend this workshop, we have produced a range of training videos to help you through the registration process. The videos address the NEW participant portal, which has a much more intuitive filter option to drill down into the topic, priority, and deadline which was not available in its predecessor so this is definitely an improvement in the user experience. In addition, the portal continues to feature the partner search. When you select a topic, it shows how many partners are looking for collaboration within this area.

Videos are available to view via the links below:

Brexit & European Programmes – Steven Alexander, Legal and Financial National Contact Point, Innovate UK

Please also note that the good news about continuing to apply for European funding after Brexit is to do just that – continue to apply.
“UK organisations that secure funding through EU programmes, from now until the end of 2020, will be guaranteed by the UK government even in a no deal scenario.” Read more

Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation – Simon McCaldin, TWI

Evaluation criteria and process – Heidi Dyson, Next Level Innovation Ltd

Addressing the Multi-Actor Approach in Agri-Food Calls – Ian Holmes, Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, Blue Growth and the Bioeconomy National Contact Point, Innovate UK

Funding & Tenders Portal – Stafford Lloyd, ICT and Future Emerging Technologies National Contact Point, Innovate UK

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