The Superpowers of Critical Raw Materials

Posted on: 22/06/2018

Cars, wind turbines, solar panels and smartphones… ‘critical’ raw materials (CRMs) are used in many technologies.

Cars, wind turbines, solar panels and smartphones… ‘critical’ raw materials (CRMs) are used in all the technologies that are essential for energy and digital transition.

European project SCRREEN is working to create an EU Expert Network that covers the value chain for present and future critical raw materials. SCRREEN has 30 partners from 15 countries, including the Knowledge Transfer Network.

SCRREEN is on a mission to raise the awareness of new critical raw materials. It has launched a communication campaign in March 2018.

The campaign is informing and educating the European public on the challenges linked to the 27 raw materials classified as ‘critical’ by the European Commission.

Help raise awareness on Twitter at @SCRREEN_EU

Take a look at the visuals which have been created for the campaign below:

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Are you are involved in any part of the value chain for CRMs, from mining the raw materials, to reusing or recycling the end products that contain them? If so, you could become part of the SCRREEN network. By joining the network, you can play a part in securing the future for European industry that rely on the use CRMs. Get in touch with David to find out more.

Find out about other European projects that KTN is involved in.

If you are involved in the recovery of target CRMs from waste electronic products (WEEE), you may also wish to follow @CRMrecovery on Twitter, or see their work at .

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