Synthetic biology driving industrial translation in the bioeconomy

Posted on: 06/07/2017

The 3rd International IET/SynbiCITE Engineering Biology Conference will take place on 12-13 December in London

Synthetic biology is a relatively young area of research with the potential for exciting applications across many sectors. It harnesses tools and concepts from physics, engineering and computer science to build new biological systems by “engineering biology.”

The 3rd International IET/SynbiCITE Engineering Biology Conference will provide a platform for the international synthetic biology community to hear and present their leading edge research in synthetic biology and demonstrate how these findings are being embraced by industry.

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There will be more than 15 sessions featuring leading researchers and industry experts from around the world. Key themes will include:

  • Synthetic genomics
  • Biotechnology
  • Process engineering with feedback, optimisation and control for scale-up and manufacturing
  • Biosensors and detectors
  • DNA assembly, programming biology and CRISPR technology
  • Design, modelling, characterisation, automation, programming biology and QA/QC
  • Microfluidics

This event will be of interest to professionals and engineers involved in:

  • Foundational tools and technologies
  • Drug & Pharma companies
  • Bioinformatics, automation and instrumentation
  • Advanced and high value materials
  • Vaccines and biologics
  • Diagnostics and devices
  • Medical technologies, physicians and clinicians
  • Commodity and speciality chemicals
  • Agritech Waste and water recycling and remediation
  • Academics and Students
  • Start-ups Industry players
  • Investors

Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are currently available at the conference, so if you would like to showcase your products and services to engineering biology professionals and institutions please contact Veronica:

You can find out more and register on the conference website.

If you would like to discuss opportunities and support mechanisms for innovation in synthetic biology please contact Amy Tayler (Knowledge Transfer Manager, Synthetic Biology).

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