Sustainable Innovation Fund Round 2 Q&A session

Posted on: 24/07/2020

KTN is running a Q&A session on the Sustainable Innovation Fund Round 2 (de minimis), 31 July, 09:30 – 10:30.

As the first phase of Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund draws to a close, Phase 2 is due to open on 28 July. KTN is running an informal Q&A session with Innovate UK on 31 July, 09:30 – 10:30. This session will be similar to the Q&A held for Round 1 which was very popular and yielded hundreds of questions.

The type of question you can put to Innovate UK is:

  • What makes a great innovation project for this competition?
  • What are the likely pitfalls?
  • Should I apply for this competition or hold out for another one?

The scope of the competition is published on the Innovation Funding Site here and many factual questions will be answered in it. You are advised to familiarise yourself with the competition details there and/or attend Innovate UK’s formal competition briefing on 30 July at 3.30pm (register here).

For this Q&A session you will be able to ask questions in advance on registration and questions live on the day. As many as can be answered in the time will be and those not answered will form part of an FAQ produced after the event.

Register for KTN’s Q&A session on 31 July here.


EEN grant writing application session

Other help available for applicants is a grant writing application session from EEN. They will deliver a webinar with tangible tips and advice to make your application stand out from the crowd and how to deliver a competitive and compelling business case. That session will be held on 31 July, 11:00-12:00. Book here.

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