Sustainable development of UK aquaculture industries

Posted on: 10/07/2018

The Aquaculture Research Collaborative Hub UK (ARCH-UK) is holding two events for the aquaculture community in September and November 2018.

The UK is a leading aquaculture (finfish and shellfish) producer within the EU, with a valuation of  at over £0.59 billion in 2012. Fresh water aquaculture is dominated by rainbow trout, and marine aquaculture is predominantly focussed on Atlantic salmon and blue mussels.

This is an innovative industry which is open to the latest biotechnology-driven advances in order to deliver increased production without compromising the environment.

The Aquaculture Research Collaborative Hub UK (ARCH-UK) is an academia led network funded by the BBSRC/NERC Aquaculture Initiative. It directly advises research councils as to where funding should be placed in order to fuel research that will have the greatest impact on the sustainable development of UK aquaculture. It also aims to create a proactive UK-wide aquaculture research community, working at a national level with academia and industry.

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Growing the UK Aquaculture Network through events

ARCH-UK encourages anyone who is passionate about aquaculture within academia, industry or policy to attend one of their forthcoming events:


ARCH-UK Annual Science Event
Tuesday, 4th – Wednesday, 5th September 2018, Belfast

This first Annual Science meeting of ARCH-UK will provide:

  • An overview of the UK finfish and shellfish aquaculture industry from industry representatives
  • A showcase of the projects previously funded through the BBSRC/NERC Aquaculture Initiative in 2016 with industry perspectives on project outputs
  • A chance to meet talented Early Career Researchers who will have a space to present their work¬† (a limited number of travel bursaries for ECRs will be made available)
  • Announcement of the large consortium & innovation projects funded this year through the BBSRC/NERC Aquaculture Initiative
  • Visits to local aquaculture sites

You can find out more and register here.


ARCH-UK Finfish and Shellfish Microbiome Workshop
Thursday, 22nd РFriday, 23rd November 2018, Aberdeen

The microbiome is directly relevant to shellfish and finfish nutrition and health; more recently it has been recognised to have a fundamental role in many other aspects of aquaculture. This has fuelled a significant increase in recent research activity in this field, particularly in how the microbiome is both affected and manipulated by environmental factors.

This workshop is a platform to present the current status of UK aquaculture microbiota research as well as an opportunity to showcase young talent within this research area. A core activity will be networking and knowledge exchange between key research areas relating to both fish and shellfish aquaculture; finding potential future areas for collaborative research.

You can find out more and register here.

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