Support and funding from KTN and Innovate UK has helped MDFR create a highly innovative technology to recycle fibreboard waste

Posted on: 04/04/2019

MDF Recovery (MDFR) has developed the world’s first continuous technology to recycle medium density fibreboard (MDF) waste.

MDF Recovery (MDFR) has developed the world’s first continuous technology to recycle medium- density fibreboard (MDF) waste.   The technology offers the first-ever alternative to the landfilling or incinerating of waste MDF and produces high-quality natural fibres that can be re-injected into the manufacture of new MDF boards. They are also suitable for valuable markets such as insulation and horticulture.

In 2013, when MDFR was a start-up with limited manpower and resource, KTN helped the company to identify various funding programmes and provided expert oversight of the application process, that helped move the business from bench trials to commercialisation.

With the support from KTN and Innovate UK, MDFR are predicting revenues of over £18M by 2024.  Craig Bartlett, MDF Recovery’s MD said of the support, “There is no question that without the support and guidance of KTN, we would not be where we are today. KTN’s stated remit is to help innovators find partners and funding. In the case of MDF Recovery, KTN has more than delivered.”

Read the full case study to find out how MDFR’s partnership with KTN was instrumental in helping getting the business off the ground.

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