Showcasing Emerging Technologies – Metamaterials, Solihull, 19 March

Posted on: 24/01/2019

KTN’s popular SET event series continues with a metamaterials workshop and technology showcase.

KTN, in partnership with Innovate UK, is organising the Metamaterials Community Workshop and Technology Showcase on 19 March.  The event will exhibit emerging metamaterials technologies from across the UK academic community and will explore opportunities in the UK for developing and exploiting metamaterials.

Aimed at an audience of metamaterials experts, developers and researchers, investors and new product designers, the exhibit will showcase metamaterials technologies that can be commercialised or have a positive impact on society or the environment.

This inclusive event will bring together key stakeholders and the broader UK community in the field of metamaterials to address how this valuable expertise can be directed to explore key growth markets, market size, potential for growth and collaboration and new market opportunities in the areas of:

  • novel antennae
  • acoustic and vibrational damping
  • optics


KTN hopes to use the event as a springboard to develop a structured programme of support for the UK metamaterials community, facilitating new collaborations with industry and end-users to take these technologies forward and apply them in the development of new products and services.  Additionally, KTN will provide support and facilitation to enable collaborative projects with industry to identify and apply for grant funding to take those projects forward.

There will be exhibition space for demonstrations and networking and poster displays for PhD students and postdocs to promote their research activities and results.

The event costs £20 and you can register and find more details about the event here.

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