Shaping the Future R&D and Innovation Programme for the Foundation Industries Workshop

Posted on: 22/05/2020
Registration is now open for KTN’s virtual event on 4th June to help shape the future R&D programme for the foundation industries.

KTN and Innovate UK/UKRI are holding this virtual workshop on 4th June to help shape the future R&D programme for the Foundation Industries (covering metals, ceramics, paper, glass, chemicals and cement).


These workshops are designed to give Innovate UK/UKRI:

●  further understanding of the needs and opportunities  of the foundation industries community

●  an understanding of the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the foundation industries and markets

●  an understanding of the requirements for future competition structures


The UK foundation industries, with a combined turnover estimated at £69bn and representing around 3% of the UK economy (2014), face many common challenges and the opportunity to address these challenges through cross-sector collaboration is compelling, allowing for a convincing case to be made together for government support. Funding and strategic support are necessary to address industry productivity, global competitiveness and to meet sustainability goals.


At these workshops, delegates will:

●  Suggest new priority areas for innovation support

●  Build on the cross-sector innovation priority areas already identified

●  Learn about current available industrial innovation funding

●  Network across the Foundation Industry sectors for potential collaboration and future partnerships using a virtual meeting platform



14:00 – Introduction to ISCF Transforming Foundation Industries – Bruce Adderley (IUK)

14:10 – Funding R&D and innovation for the Foundation Industries – Ben Walsh (IUK)

14:20 – Setting the Scene – Presentation from Industry – TBC

14:30 – Objectives of the scoping Workshop – Tatiana Correia (IUK)

14:40 – Workshop 1 – Break out into Groups – Discuss – to gain  further  understanding of the needs and requirements of the foundation industries community .

15:10 – Short Comfort Break

15:20 – Workshop 2 – Break out into Groups – Discuss based in understand what the requirements are for future competition structures

15:50 – End – Wrap Up – Bruce Adderley (IUK)

16:00 – End


If you have any questions, please contact or


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