Sensing the Air Quality and Emission Workshop - Presentations Available

Posted on: 15/11/2017

Presentations delivered at the 46th Intelligent Sensing Program – Sensing the Air Quality and Emissions, are now available.

Air quality and pollution is a major health concern, and can cause illness and death. To address the problem effectively, industry communities, consumers, technology providers and government agencies needs to work together to come up and develop innovative way to monitor and resolve industry emissions. The UK is playing a leading role in finding solutions to the air pollution matters.

To facilitate innovation development in air quality monitoring and industry emission sectors, KTN organised the 46th Intelligent Sensing Program – Sensing the Air Quality and Emissions, a networking workshop in Birmingham on 10th October. It brought together air quality (AQ) monitoring communities, AQ regulatory agencies, AQM sensor technology providers, new sensing solution researchers, and business funding agencies, to share knowledge on market challenges, needs, state of art AQM and emerging sensing technologies, as well as providing information on innovation funding opportunities.

The workshop attracted over 100 participants from various sectors, facilitating partnerships and collaborations, as well as generating new ideas and promoting business innovations to address the problem. 9 expert speakers from environment agencies, industry companies, sensor technology providers/ researchers and innovation funding agency shared their knowledge, technologies, and opinions on key topics. 9 AQM companies also exhibited their technology solutions during the event. The event was well received by the delegates, and prompted lively discussions and activities networking.

Presentations delivered at the workshop are now available here.

The 47th ISP event is set to take place in March 2018. Sign up to KTN newsletters to be kept up to date.

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