Safetynet Techologies - using design to develop a clear value proposition

Posted on: 12/04/2019

Through the Innovate UK Design Foundations programme in 2017 £4 million of funding was awarded to 93 businesses of varying sizes.

This insight series selects several of those projects to highlight a variety of design approaches.  With fish stocks under threat from the over-fishing of our seas and fishing crews under pressure from new regulations, Safetynet Technologies are working to alleviate stress on both sides with their illuminated fishing nets. Their ‘Pisces’ lighting technology, attached to existing fishing nets, attracts and repels different kinds of fish to reduce by-catch, as well as sea birds and turtles. Less endangered and juvenile fish caught up in the nets means reduced waste in the fishing industry and the preservation of fish stocks for future generations.

Design Foundations matched Safetynet Technologies with designers Snook. ”Snook understood what they wanted to achieve, says Watson, and the tools they used were very reassuring. “Through conversations and workshops with fishermen they increased our understanding of the stakeholders and their thorough approach gave a rich outcomes. The stakeholder mapping was extremely valuable for us. Their ability to build bits of collateral to service our proposition in a presentable way was great. They put everything in context Рnothing was wasted Рand their insights gave us new perspective.” Dan Watson, Founder, SafetyNet Technologies

Find out how by identifying human needs, Snook helped Safetynet Technologies create a holistically user designed product in their case study here.

If your business is facing customer experience challenges and want to talk to someone about using design thinking to tackle that challenge, talk to Jake from the Design in Innovation team at KTN.

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