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Posted on: 10/08/2018

ESACT-UK will be holding their 29th Annual Meeting at Drayton Manor on Wednesday 9th – Thursday 10th January 2019.

ESACT-UK’s 29th Annual Meeting currently includes confirmed sessions on:

  • upstream and downstream processing
  • early career researchers
  • cell and gene therapy
  • process analytics and modelling, as well as
  • emerging tools and technologies

They have also confirmed that Yvonne Perrie of the University of Strathclyde will be a speaker at the event.


If you are an early career researcher (within 7 years of completing a BSc) and ‚Äãwould ‚Äãlike ‚Äãto ‚Äãsubmit ‚Äãa ‚Äãpresentation ‚Äãor ‚Äãposter, ‚Äãplease ‚Äãsend high quality scientific abstracts ‚Äãto ‚ÄãQasim ‚ÄãRafiq ‚Äãat ‚Äã ‚ÄãA ‚Äãlimited ‚Äãnumber ‚Äãof ‚Äãbursaries ‚Äãfor ‚Äãpresentations ‚Äã‚Äãand ‚Äãposters ‚Äãare ‚Äãavailable ‚Äãfor ‚Äãearly ‚Äãcareer ‚Äãresearchers. The ESACT-UK organising committee will review the applications and select candidates for a full bursary, which includes a free ticket for both days, plus accommodation, all refreshments and the conference dinner.

All attending early career researchers will be eligible for the prize for the best presentation (£500 bursary for an event of their choice) and best poster (£250 bursary for an event of their choice). The deadline ​for ​abstracts ​is ​14th ​September ​2018. ​

If ‚Äãyou ‚Äãhave ‚Äãany ‚Äãquestions ‚Äãabout ‚Äãthe ‚Äãbursaries, ‚Äãwould ‚Äãlike ‚Äãto ‚Äãbecome ‚Äãa ‚Äãmember ‚Äãof ‚ÄãESACT-UK, ‚Äãor ‚Äãyou ‚Äãare ‚Äãa ‚Äãcurrent ‚Äãmember ‚Äãof ‚ÄãESACT-UK ‚Äãand ‚Äãwould ‚Äãlike ‚Äãto ‚Äãreceive ‚Äãyour ‚Äãdiscount ‚Äãcode ‚Äãto ‚Äãuse ‚Äãfor ‚Äãregistration, ‚Äãplease ‚Äãcontact ‚ÄãHirra ‚ÄãHussain ‚Äãat ‚Äã


ESACT-UK is a Society which promotes the communication of knowledge and experience between scientists and engineers whose work has a direct or indirect bearing on cell culture biotechnology and the products derived from it. A particular emphasis is to ensure both the inclusion, and the active participation, of less experienced scientists in industry or academic institutions. It actively encourages interactions between academia, governmental and policy making agencies, and the manufacturing and service industries.

For more information on the event or to register please click here.

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