Quantum Technologies Roadmap: European community view released

Posted on: 24/08/2018

An updated summary of the Quantum Technologies Roadmap has been recently released.

The 24-page peer-reviewed document, published in the New Journal of Physics, serves as an updated summary of the 150-page Quantum Technologies Roadmap, which forms the basis of the European Commission’s Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship on Quantum Technologies.

18 experts in quantum technology from across Europe came together to provide opinions on the status and main challenges of quantum-technology research as well as the advances they foresee in the future. Based on extensive discussions and feedback from the larger European quantum technologies community, the document is broken down into six sections that focus on important aspects of quantum technology

These are:

  • quantum communication;
  • quantum computation;
  • quantum simulation;
  • quantum metrology, sensing and imaging;
  • quantum control;
  • and quantum software and theory.


Dr. Max Riedel and Professor Tommasso Calarco, contributors to the document, comment:

“Within the last two decades, quantum technologies have made tremendous progress, moving from Nobel Prize-winning experiments on quantum physics into a cross-disciplinary field of applied research.

“One success factor for the rapid advancement of quantum technology is a well-aligned global research community with a common understanding of the challenges and goals. In Europe, this community has profited from several EC funded coordination projects, which, among other things, have coordinated the creation of a quantum technology roadmap.

“We hope this updated summary proves useful to our colleagues in the research community, as well as anyone with a broader interest in the progress of quantum technology.”


Read the full document here.

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