Producing the food of the future with help from the Internet of Agri-Things

Posted on: 24/10/2017

A KTN workshop brought together Agri-Tech and IoT businesses to explore opportunities for innovation in food production.


Most of us are familiar with the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) which is used to describe networks of physical devices (e.g. sensors) that are connected and communicating with each other via the internet. Indeed, the Internet of Things has become part of everyday life. It allows us to remotely collect and communicate medical data, for example from heart monitoring implants, and to control devices in “smart homes” by adjusting the heating and lighting via an app on your phone.

Modern agriculture and food manufacturing rely on technologies which gather and communicate information, or in other words an Internet of Agri-Things.

There is a greater than ever need for innovation in the agri-food sector, either from totally new technologies or by adopting existing technologies from other sectors. A recent KTN workshop focused attention on how the Internet of Agri-Things can address the needs of the arable, horticultural and livestock industries, as well as the food processing and manufacturing sector. It featured a range of speakers from the agri-food sector and IoT industries, who presented examples of ongoing projects and successful approaches.

A selection of presentations from this event are now available for download from the documents section below.

Photo galleries are not available for content from the previous KTN website: we apologise for this.


If you would like to discuss opportunities for innovation in the Internet of Agri-Things please contact Callum Harvey, Knowledge Transfer Manager – AgriFood.


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