Presenters announced for International Women in Engineering Day, Connected Autonomous Vehicles webinar

Posted on: 12/06/2018

Knowledge Transfer Network are pleased to announce speakers and presentations for the International Women in Engineering Day, CAV webinar.

As part of International Women in Engineering Day, join Intelligent Transport Systems UK on 20th June to discuss exciting new tech in Connected Autonomous Vehicles that will change the way we all live, work and play in the future.

Knowledge Transfer Network are pleased to announce the following speakers and presentations

The Convergence of CAVs with Transport Infrastructure

Lina Konstantinopolou; Head of Innovations and deployment for Transport Infrastructure and Logistics at ERTICO

Considering the interest by the research and industrial community on road automation, it is expected that vehicles at higher levels of automation will start entering the real traffic soon. In parallel, the latest developments in the area of mobile and wireless communications will lead to the circulation of numbers of “connected” vehicles, i.e. vehicles that may communicate in real time with the traffic infrastructure. Thus, in the future evolution is required at the infrastructure level, as the traffic fleet will be a mixture of manually-driven and automated vehicles, at several levels of automation, while a lot of these vehicles will be connected, namely able to exchange information among them and with the infrastructure.

CAVS are coming – start planning now, to shape our future

Tracey Poole; lead PM of the FLOURISH CAV research and development project, with significant experience of creating transport strategies which will shape the future of mobility.

With the unprecedented level of investment by Government and the private sector in researching and developing CAV technology and understanding its wider implications, we know that CAVs are on their way. While there are still questions to be answered about how we best integrate CAVs onto the UK road network, we need to collaborate now to shape their purpose.  Safety-led CAV trials are at the heart of projects like FLOURISH, which is ensuring a user-centred approach to technology development and the regulatory environment. It is also vital to work with local authority partners to ensure that the complementary infrastructure is in place to maximise the benefits of CAVs. CAVs have the potential to revolutionise the travel experience, making our roads safer and more efficient and reducing the impact of our journeys on the world around us.

CAV Evolution within the Transport ecosystem

Ellie Woolridge and Rebecca Advani; Ellie is a human factors specialist and Rebecca is a chartered systems engineer at the Transport Systems Catapult

Rebecca and Ellie will deliver a presentation explaining how CAV technology can only deliver its potential benefits if it evolves within the right environment. We need to understand human and other factors to support the technology’s seamless introduction into the real and complex world.

The Role of AI in revolutionizing Autonomous Vehicles

Sudha Jamthe;¬†teaches the Business of self-driving cars at Stanford and is the author of the book, ‘2030 The Driverless World’.

Two key driver of Autonomous vehicle adoption are consumer adoption and improving car cognition to make it safe for Autonomous Vehicles to drive among human drivers. My talk is about AI algorithms needed to drive the business transformation in several industry adoption of Connected and AV cars and in designing the Human-Machine interface to allow for consumer adoption of the car an an autonomous entity amongst us.

This will be followed by an open discussion involving panellists and online delegates, focussing on;

  • Evolution or Revolution: Which will provide the safest and most desirable option first?
  • What factors will be most important in influencing the development and uptake of driverless cars across the world, and where will they become mainstream first?
  • What infrastructure ‚Äì virtual or physical ‚Äì needs to be in place to enable this, and what technologies will play the greatest parts in delivering driverless cars?
  • What are the technologies coming on-stream in the next few years that will be the game-changers?
  • What regulatory requirements are fundamental to efficient deployment of Connected Autonomous Vehicles?

Find out more about the webinar and how to register here.

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