Precision Medicine Innovation Landscapes in Israel & the UK

Posted on: 24/08/2020

Innovate UK defines precision medicine as “technology that enables early and accurate diagnosis to inform patient treatment, as well as the availability of targeted therapies. This includes combining clinical biomarker knowledge with advances in diagnostic technologies, data analysis and tailor-made therapeutics. Precision medicine is also commonly referred to as stratified medicine or personalised medicine”. The UK government, through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), aims to leverage the UK investment to develop technologies and industries. The Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine (D2EDPM) is a £210 million ISCF Programme that will bring the UK to the forefront of the development of innovative diagnostic tools, medical products and treatment.

Israel is investing equally as heavily in precision medicine. In March 2018 the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) was formed with the aim of creating new opportunities in this field and has a total budget of $58 million to support businesses, universities and the Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs). The partnership follows the Mosaic Initiative, which aims to digitalise 9 million Israeli healthcare records and make them available to researchers and private companies (both locally and internationally) with the final aim of developing personalised and preventive medicine using AI and machine learning tools. Israel is eager to create an environment that will attract international businesses in this sector.

In this context, in February 2020, a Global Expert Mission took place to Israel to better understand the country’s research and innovation landscapes and to establish potential opportunities for collaboration in the precision medicine sector. This webinar will present findings and insights from delegates and allow attendees to pose questions to a panel. It will also provide a holistic and wide viewpoint of the capabilities identified during the Mission and will showcase key opportunities for UK businesses who may be interested in international collaboration.

Attendees can also request access, when registering, to our 1:1 partnering system to book meetings with other attendees.

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