Podcast series: Metamaterials in Design

Posted on: 17/09/2021

Metamaterials in Design is a series of short podcast interviews, following KTN’s workshop in June 2021, which aim to provide a better understanding of the role design plays in developing metamaterials’ applications.

This series of 3 episodes is an initiative of KTN’s Commercialising Metamaterials Innovation Network, a strategic community activity funded by KTN. The Innovation Network aims to enlist, develop and showcase applications for Metamaterials, build a community of academics, industry stakeholders and investors, and make these technologies more commercially accessible to markets.

Episode 1: Bringing new materials to market

In this first episode, Duncan Foster Fitzsimons and James Johnstone try to define what a metamaterial is, explore the applications of this material, and discuss its manufacturing processes, risk and challenges. They also exchange views on potential opportunities in emerging markets and applications for these technologies.

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Duncan Foster Fitzsimons, Director at 7TH Design & Invention, Salar Surgical
James Johnstone, Director of Programme Management at Advanced Materials Development Ltd


Episode 2: Designers and their role in bringing smart materials to life

Textiles are so much more than clothing and soft furnishings; they impact almost every aspect of our lives, and their potential is only as limited as our imaginations…
Are textiles the ideal industry to be focusing on smart materials, such as metamaterials? What are the challenges with environmental and resource issues? How could we bring together materials development, manufacturing and design product companies around a shared vision?
In this second episode, Duncan Foster Fitzsimons and Anne Toomey try to answer these questions and discuss design, manufacturing, and applications of smart textile materials (including metamaterials).

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Duncan Foster Fitzsimons, Director at 7TH Design & Invention, Salar Surgical
Anne Toomey, Head of the Textiles Programme at the Royal College of Art.


Episode 3: Metamaterials from lab to commercial product

One of QinetiQ’s key roles is to create, apply and scale up new research and technologies. In this third and last episode, Duncan Foster Fitzsimons and our special guest Dr Kevin Mitchell, Metamaterials Lead at QinetiQ, discuss the journey of Metamaterials development from research to commercialisation. Kevin Mitchell especially tries to answer how he undertakes the R&E process and shares his view about where Metamaterials might find business & development opportunities in the coming years.

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Dr Kevin Mitchell, Metamaterials Lead at QinetiQ
Duncan Foster Fitzsimons, Director at 7TH Design & Invention, Salar Surgical

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