OWiX: Call for ideas

Posted on: 13/07/2017

Apply to the Offshore Wind Innovation Exchange (OWiX) call for a chance to pitch your technology directly to global players.

If you are an innovative SME or organisation with great new technologies or innovations, this call for ideas is an opportunity to become directly linked to, or collaborate with, global players (operators and OEMs) in this rapidly growing sector. Offshore wind is actively seeking new and disruptive technologies from a myriad of sources to help it achieve its full potential.

The OWiX programme team has worked with key industry stakeholders (operators and OEMs) to develop specific innovation challenges through a series of ‘guided innovation’ workshops. The challenges predominantly focus on near-term issues that could make a substantial difference to the cost of energy on operating wind farms and newly constructed Round 2 and 3 developments.

For this reason, OWiX does not seek fundamental design changes in this call for ideas. Each of the challenges below has been carefully translated into a generic innovation needs statement accompanied by specific requirements, targeted at innovative SMEs and other potential partners/suppliers. These suppliers may operate in markets or sectors with very different attributes to offshore wind power generation.


Innovation Challenge 1:
A solution for the reliable detection, monitoring and capture of evidence of damage and flaws in the top layer of composite structures, performed internally within a restricted environment with minimal human intervention.

Innovation Challenge 2:
A solution for non-destructive subsurface structural inspection of large composite wind turbine blade structures, at height in a marine environment, delivered safely and cost-effectively.

Innovation Challenge 3:
A solution for the transfer and replacement of very heavy and complex large components, at height, in dynamic offshore weather conditions.

Innovation Challenge 4:
A system to assure the quality of service and maintenance work and the condition of human operators through data communication and real-time decision making in a demanding and remote location.


If any of these challenge areas contain elements that your idea, innovation or technology might be able to address, please tell us more about that idea HERE.

The call for ideas will close on 9 September 2017.

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