Opportunity for industrial collaboration with Cranfield University in R&D of remanufacturing technologies, processes and systems

Posted on: 22/11/2018

A workshop to define topics collaboration themes and build project consortia at Cranfield University on 28 November 2018.

Remanufacturing is an increasingly recognised component of the Circular Economy. Although it is recognised in policy, grass roots assistance for R&D and process improvement is sparse.  To address this, Cranfield University is bringing together its expertise across technical research, process and systems development as well business functions such as logistics, product design, business modelling and life-cycle engineering management for integrated collaborative research.

To kick start this initiative, Cranfield is inviting remanufacturers and potential remanufacturers to a one-day interactive workshop with aims of:

  • Testing demand for a coordinated research, development and business support facility centred at Cranfield.
  • Discovering core issues ‚Äì process or technological ‚Äì which businesses recognise as critical to boosting ‚Äì or establishing ‚Äì their remanufacturing operations.
  • Building agreement in principle for participants to sign up to priority issues which can be developed as projects with a view to funding and execution.

Remanufacturing requires disruption of business models, alliances, processes, design and technologies, so all these topics are in scope, and managers responsible for decisions in any of these areas are prime targets for the day.  Participants will hear more about Cranfield’s ambition and suggested themes, be able to compare their issues against other companies and be in the first wave of funded projects directly targeting remanufacturing barriers.

Book your place at this free event here.  If you require for further details please contact Dr Patrick McLaughlin, p.mclaughlin@cranfield.ac.uk.

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