Nuron - developing a sophisticated user interface that embraces the user journey

Posted on: 27/06/2019

Nuron in partnership with UsCreates defined its user journey, creating a sophisticated user-interface prototype to monitor wastewater flow in realtime

Through the Innovate UK Design Foundations programme in 2017 £4 million of funding was awarded to 93 businesses of varying sizes. The objective was helping businesses work with designers to identify innovation opportunities and find viable routes to market.

This insight series selects several of those projects to highlight a variety of design approaches.  Having identified the current pressures on wastewater systems in the UK, nuron devised a sensing technology that allows the monitoring of wastewater flow in real-time.

Once they understood the pain point for wastewater companies nuron could have strategic conversations with them on how real-time, dense data enables the transformation the industry is looking for. This is where Uscreates and the Design Foundations funding came in. By teaming up with a service design company like Uscreates, nuron were able to develop a more sophisticated user-interface prototype than they previously thought possible.

“We always planned to build a user interface, but never in such detail. Most of our thinking was wrapped up in the technology. Uscreates showed us we needed to focus on the user journey to bring water companies on board with the transformation the data can have on the industry. Without talking to them directly we would have created something that didn’t meet their needs. We listened first and found out their requirements, rather than designing a service that wasn’t their top priority.” Louise Keogh, Commercial Manager, nuron.

Find out how nuron used human centred design principles to develop a customer focused user design interface in their case study here.

If your business is facing customer experience challenges and want to talk to someone about using design thinking to tackle that challenge, talk to Jake from the Design in Innovation team at KTN.

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