Now Live - Measurement Challenges and Solutions in Manufacturing Brokerage

Posted on: 19/04/2021

The Measurement Challenges and Solutions in Manufacturing brokerage, jointly organised by KTN and DIT (Department for International Trade), is specifically designed to showcase UK measurement technology companies' readiness to enter the China market targeting Chinese manufacturers looking to source measurement products from the UK.

On the verge of the Industry 4.0 revolution, measurement in manufacturing technology, alongside connectivity and big data, is playing an enabler role to transform manufacturing processes into highly flexible and intelligent operations.

The UK has been a leader in measurement in manufacturing technology development since the first industrial revolution. Many of the key manufacturing technologies have been invented in the UK, and the UK is still a key global innovation centre in advanced manufacturing technologies.

China is now the world’s largest manufacturing hub and forecasts project the Chinese manufacturing industry as the most positive for continued growth. Therefore, China presents a huge export opportunity for UK measurement products into their manufacturing. In addition, for UK companies to stay ahead of innovation in developing future manufacturing technologies, it is important to understand the development trends of Chinese manufacturing industry by engaging with potential customers in China.

This event is a great opportunity to better understand the complementary strengths of the UK and China. There are huge opportunities for innovative UK companies to partner with China’s large and dynamic manufacturing capability.
Tony Clemson, Head of Industry and Innovation, DIT China

Please find below videos of industry manufacturing and measurement technology companies from both the UK and China sharing their knowledge and technology solutions in addressing various manufacturing challenges.

i3D Robotics: Shaping our legacy through intelligent vision.

i3D Robotics specialises in high-resolution digital imaging which supports sustainable technologies and creates manufacturing resilience. i3D Robotics provides 3D stereo vision systems, software, 3D mapping and integrated robotic solutions enabling inspection measurements in challenging hazardous and harsh environments. Working across the high-value manufacturing, nuclear decommissioning, and additive manufacturing sectors, i3D Robotics also supports the digital transformation of traditional manufacturing in the metals, glass, and ceramics sectors in line with the Industry 4.0 agenda.

i3D Robotics core commercially available products aid manufacturing by driving productivity growth and reducing waste through the application of intelligent vision systems and sensor networks, supporting sustainable technologies for a zero-carbon future. Their latest range of products utilises sensory fusion by combining high resolution 3D imaging with advanced spectrometers and multi-axis robotic platforms which have been successfully deployed in materials inspection for energy production & large-scale decommissioning sectors.

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Established on 18th January, 2005, JEE has become China’s leading solution provider for automotive intelligent manufacturing equipment and new energy vehicle E-drive system. JEE’s global subsidiaries are located in London UK, Austin USA, Kassel Germany and Shanghai & Suzhou China.

JEE is dedicated to building a Global Chinese Brand and providing customers with world-class digital workshop turnkey solutions and E-drive products as well. JEE specializes in R&D, manufacture and service for new energy vehicle E-drive system, powertrain assembly & test system, BIW welding system and general industry assembly & test system, etc in automotive, aerospace and power battery industries, etc. To meet and exceed customers’ expectations, JEE focuses on continuous improvement of technologies and services in the product life cycle.

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NPL. UK’s National Metrology Institute: Delivering Impact from Science

For over a century National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK’s National Metrology Institute, has developed and maintained the nation’s primary measurement standards. These standards underpin the UK’s National Measurement System (NMS) infrastructure and ensure accuracy, traceability, consistency and confidence in measurement.

NPL delivers cutting-edge measurement science and engineering and world-leading measurement solutions that are critical to commercial research and development, supporting business success across the UK and the globe. From new antibiotics to tackle resistance and more effective cancer treatments, to secure quantum communications and superfast 5G, technological advances must be built on a foundation of reliable measurement to succeed.

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IIoT/I4.0 helps manufacturing reduce downtime and improve efficiencies. In order to achieve this sensors with remote connectivity need to be fitted. The right sensor technology needs to be used, whether it be level, pressure, temperature, vibration or perhaps oil quality, pH, CO2, humidity. Not one sensor provider suits every situation so a universal connectivity solution that can work in industrial situations is needed. One that can be deployed in scale with confidence without bespoke engineering with low installation and maintenance costs.

Powelectrics have 30 years’ experience in sensing, instrumentation and communications. They have developed the globally well-proven Metron IIOT hardware and flexible, intuitive MetronView cloud. The portfolio covers a wide range of circumstances, is able to connect to a large number of different sensors, utilising numerous communication methods and copes with a range of environments. It’s proven technology that can be deployed with confidence.

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Semefab. At the Heart of Today’s Life Enhancing Products

Semefab operates 3 wafer fabs on a single site in Glenrothes, Scotland, UK, across a broad technology base of MEMS sensors and CMOS & Linear IC’s, Discrete semiconductor devices. Close liaison with our highly experienced process engineering team ensures a successful outcome to process development/set-up, and process optimisation leads to high yield, cost-effective manufacture.

The company is currently enjoying its 34th year in business. Semefab is an innovative business and is playing a key role in the production of breakthrough health care products, whilst supplying silicon wafers, die and packaged devices to the market.

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Tribosonics. The Sensing Technology Experts

Tribosonics is an innovation led scale-up equipped with unique sensing technologies to address industrial energy inefficiencies in areas of tribological contact (wear, friction, and lubrication). They are based in Sheffield, UK but have a global reach with customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Tribosonics develops, designs, and manufactures end to end ultrasonic measurement products.

Their technology transforms components, machines or factory production lines into SMART systems generating data and driving digital transformation to prevent machine failure, increase uptime, reduce waste, generate productivity improvements and efficiency gains.

They operate in transport, power generation and manufacturing industries, working on projects in sectors such as automotive, renewable energy, nuclear power, and plastics recycling & polymer injection and extrusion. Their measurement stack covers Fluid Properties (density, viscosity, aeration, contamination, oxidation), Solid Properties (stress, temperature, defects), Dimensions (wear, lubricant film thickness), Displacement (gap measurement, alignment, machine/component internal state) and Interface Conditions (contact pressure, corrosion).

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Troika Systems

Troika Systems was started in December 1996, with an aim to provide innovative 3D measurement devices to the gravure and flexo print marketplace, with a scanning microscope known as the AniCAM, as they saw many printers have an issue with knowing the precise ink capacity of their cylinders and anilox, causing excessive waste in make-ready and wasted productivity.

Based in Wiltshire, England they operate out their own premises and providing aspects of the design, manufacturing, software authoring, sales and support. They provide their products through approved global sales and support agents and work with the larger print groups to allow adoption to assist standardisation in the print process, with a view of continuous enhancement and new technologies.

More recently they have been able to employ their technology in the areas of printed electronics analysis to become the worlds leading manufacturer of 3D scanning microscopes.

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Coventry University

The Significance of Industrial-University Collaboration and Precision Metrology in Advanced Manufacturing: An Introduction to AME and selected Case Studies.

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Newcastle University

Electromagnatic Non-Destructive Test & Evaluation: Eddy Current Pulsed Thermography for Manufacturing, Fatigue and Materials.

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Jiangsu Univeristy

Colorimetric Labels Using Natural Pigments for Meat Freshness Monitoring

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Collaboration Platform

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