New developer portal aims to tackle the “big questions” in agriculture

Posted on: 04/12/2017

Agrimetrics has launched a new Developer Portal which will allow programmers access to national agri-food data.

The UK Government’s 2013 Strategy for Agricultural Technologies provided funding for four Centres for Agricultural Innovation in order to advance the development, adoption and exploitation of new technologies in the agri-food sector. As a result Agrimetrics was founded by Rothamsted Research, University of Reading, National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) and SRUC, Scotland’s Rural College to bring together expertise and capabilities in data science, smart analytics, bioinformatics, translational research and knowledge exchange in crops, livestock, food and sustainability.

Agrimetrics has recently launched a New Developer Portal with the intention of providing programmers with access to national agri-food data, presented in a consistent format so that multiple sources of information can be brought together in new ways.

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It is hoped that by bringing different data sets together we will be better able to answer some of the big questions, such as how can you benchmark crop performance, or how do you value land use?

Simon Davis, Head of Partnerships for Agrimetrics, the big-data centre of excellence, explains: “The UK has a rich legacy of data, not just about soil, weather and crop performance but also about ecosystem services provided by natural capital – for example environmental assessments and water catchment studies. Until now the value of this data has been limited as it is kept isolated in silos. Agrimetrics has developed a platform that can integrate these various datasets from multiple sources, making it available to developers to ‘plug and play’. This will allow agri-food data to be analysed in ways not possible before, and new solutions developed.”

You can find out more about Agrimetric’s Developer Portal here.

If you would like to learn more about Agrimetrics and how their team connects data to generate better insights for the agri-food sector you can visit their website or watch this highly informative video.

If you have an innovative agri-food or big data idea that you would like to take forward please feel free to contact a member of the KTN Agri-Food Team or Industrial Maths Team.


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