Meet the KTM for Industrial Technologies

Posted on: 05/04/2023

This month, find out what is involved in Raluca Popovici's work as a Knowledge Transfer Manager for Industrial Technologies at Innovate UK KTN.

The Innovate UK KTN Meet the Industrial Technology & Manufacturing Team article series is an opportunity to find out more about the specialists within the team and how they can help you find funding competitions as well as support you in developing your technology and organisation’s capabilities.

What is your role at Innovate UK KTN?

“KTM – Industrial Technologies & Manufacturing.”

What does your job role involve?

“I interact with small companies (SMEs, Start-Ups), large organisations, academics, and government to help advance Robotics and AI technologies, and help manufacturers adopt these solutions, to encourage and help them digitalise and automate their processes for higher efficiency and productivity. Helping support organisations through their innovation journey and helping them accelerate their business with relevant opportunities. I am involved in the Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge, working across various sectors in Power Electronics, Machines & Drives, helping organisations network and boosting electrification technologies within the UK to help reach Net Zero. I am also involved in projects such as A4I and the Made Smarter Innovation Network Challenge, while leading on the LGBTQ+ Employee Network Group and Championing ED&I internally and with externals.

My role can also involve organising various webinars and events (for example, Engage with…Live!) and helping run various funding competitions (for example, NSTIX Challenge: Chemical / Biological Breadcrumb Trail and PEMD Scale Up for Manufacturing).”

What does a typical day/week look like at Innovate UK KTN?

“At Innovate UK KTN, there’s no specific routine to a typical day/week, but most of the time my work revolves around: delivering on projects, speaking to external businesses, planning and organising events/webinars, working closely with the Reach & Engagement team collaboratively on promotional materials/newsletters, various other meetings and admin and championing ED&I as my team’s D&I champion and company D&I representative, but also leading on delivering one of the Employee Network Groups. I also try to keep informed of new technologies or innovations across sectors, and sometimes respond to enquiries and provide guidance to businesses.”

What’s your biggest priority at the moment?

“Technologies that will help digitalise and automate, and bring about Net Zero. Scoping various technological landscapes, around innovation and adoption, across different industries and sectors. Better understanding the current Innovation Ecosystem in the UK and Technological strengths.”

What upcoming technology advancements/innovations are you excited about in your sector/industry/area of work?

“Technologies in the electrification sector reducing carbon emissions, and innovation systems such as advancements in robotics and AI technologies across numerous industries and sectors. My passions as a Systems Engineer revolve around technologies that can help build a safer and more sustainable future with the help of inclusive technology.”

Tell us about something exciting you’re working on?

“Working with the ISCF Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge for power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD) that represents an investment of up to £80 million over 4 years, set up to help UK businesses seize the opportunities presented by the transition to a low carbon economy.

Engaging with different sectors and communities to learn about their technology advancements, learning about the UK’s capabilities in innovative digital technologies and how these can be adopted and implemented, and also learning about global insights and impacts.”

What is your previous work experience?

“I’m a Romanian/American national who’s graduated University in the UK with a Master’s in Aerospace Systems Engineering (with pilot studies modules incorporated) having delivered my thesis on a project for a NATO STO task group (working alongside people from TUM, DLR, Airbus, and other institutions). I volunteered for the Ambulance Service in Bristol (medical/healthcare sector), and started my journey at Innovate UK KTN in January 2021 within the Complex Systems team as a Knowledge Transfer Manager for Robotics & AI (RAI) and co-developed the RAI Landscape Map. During my earlier years of study in Romania, I had various roles, such as Nutritional Coach & Sports Trainer and Law Firm Assistant.”

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