Meet the Exhibitors demonstrating their innovations at the KTN Stand at the Wearable Technology Show

Posted on: 09/02/2018

KTN will be joined at the Wearable Technology Show on the 13th & 14th March, by 12 exciting exhibitors demonstrating wearable technology innovations.

The conference and exhibition will feature a wide range of discussions and technologies from sectors including; AR, IOT, Smart Textiles and healthcare.  Come along to our stand (L40) to view the KTN Wearable Technology Showcase featuring a wide range of emerging technologies on show from healthcare, to agritech sensors, through to sportswear and energy harvesting devices.

Now in its fifth year, the Wearable Technology Show is the largest event for anyone working in or around wearables and augmented reality. Over 6,000 attendees and 300 speakers will come together to exchange views, network and do business at the show.

Meet a number of KTN representatives at our stand (L40) for one to one meetings to discuss how KTN can help your business access funding and connect you to other businesses or research organisations to help your innovation develop and grow.

As part of the Conference KTN will be hosting a panel session at the event entitled “Emerging wearable technology: from market status quo to future trends”. Hosted by Monika Dunkel, Knowledge Transfer Manager for Emerging Technologies and Industries, this session will take place on 14th March, at 10.30 am, at the Wearable stage.

Registration for the exhibition is free, however there is a charge for the 10 track seminar programme. KTN’s subscribers can benefit from a 50% discount on conference passes by quoting: WTSKTN50.

As part of KTN’s stand (L40) we will be showcasing a number of exhibitors demonstrating UK innovation in wearable technologies from a range of sectors. Find out more about our exhibitors below.


Founded in 2015 by two veterinarians, Felcana creates an all-in-one digital pet health centre that redefines the pet healthcare and veterinary medicine industry with ground-breaking proprietary pet technologies. The Company is led by an experienced and entrepreneurial team who between them have over 40 combined years of industrial, corporate and product management experience.

Do you find it difficult to clearly describe your pet’s signs and symptoms when you’re at your vet’s clinic?

Felcana’s cutting-edge technology, the Health Monitoring Kit, designed for dogs and cats, is your solution. It helps pet owners understand what’s normal for their pets, monitor pet activities and behaviour, and reinforce the pet-owner bond.

Key features of the Kit include:

  • Using real-time data to understand your pet’s health

  • Collecting and analysing information about your pet’s health status 24/7

  • Providing instant veterinary advice with our live chat feature

  • Alerting pet owners of any behavioural and / or physiological abnormalities

  • Detecting and predicting early stages of diseases with Felcana’s AI system, including diabetes and arthritis

  • Supporting veterinarians to make earlier, more accurate diagnoses by providing a stream of continuous and pet-specific data

LYS Technologies

LYS Technologies brings Scandinavian design together with sleep research, photobiology and wearable technology to raise global awareness of the detrimental effects of circadian rhythm disruption. Our first product is called LYS 1.0 and is designed to mimic the non-visual photoreceptors in our eyes. The product is for the indoor generation and consists of a sleek wearable pin and app. Together they measure light in your everyday surroundings and give actionable feedback on how it affects you in real time.

Are you feeling sleepy when you need to perform? Are you unable to concentrate? Is falling asleep becoming an everyday struggle? The LYS 1.0 rebalances your vital sleep-wake cycle by navigating you to the right light, at the right time in your personalised 24 hour rhythm.

The LYS 1.0 wearable guides you to a balanced light diet. By prompting you to make small adjustments in your everyday life, the LYS app helps to improve your energy levels, quality of sleep and general wellbeing. Simple, effective and empowering.

In addition, LYS Technologies is growing the B2B arm of the company by offering customised reports and workforce analysis to corporate customers. The vision is to improve health and wellbeing in workspaces. For instance, at noon, typical office lighting can be up to 250 times darker than natural daylight. This is below the circadian rhythm stimulus threshold which reduces the energy levels and productivity of office workers.

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK’s National Measurement Institute, and is a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology available. NPL translates life sciences research¬†to products, accelerating access to new diagnosis and treatment techniques.

To accurately determine a person’s hydration status, blood has to be extracted, separated, and the plasma tested to determine osmolarity. The process requires specialist equipment, is time consuming and is normally only conducted in a hospital setting.

NPL are developing a hydration monitor utilising radio-frequency (RF) technology to penetrate the skin and directly sample the blood, detecting the critical ‘blood hydration status’ or osmality.  Crucially, validation of the device against human blood osmality trials has enabled the device accuracy and error levels to be quantified.

Most people detect their own hydration well enough to know when to re-hydrate through a thirst sensation. However, this method of detecting hydration diminishes with age and is one of the leading causes of hospital admissions among the elderly costing the NHS an estimated £1 Billion. A technology to monitor dehydration and provide real-time alerts could offer benefits both financially, in A&E waiting times and ultimately save lives.

Professional athletes undergoing intense exercise are also unable to properly regulate their hydration and there is a correlation between sports performance and hydration levels. A wearable non-invasive hydration training tool has clear benefits.

While hydration monitoring in these two specific groups has immediate benefits, ultimately the accurate measurement of hydration impacts everyone.


KYMIRA is a young company founded in 2013 and is currently based at the Science and Technology Centre at the University of Reading. The company currently operates in the Health and Fitness market with their sportswear brand, KYMIRA Sport.

Our combined team of Scientists and Sports enthusiasts have developed a range of infrared performance and recovery sportswear that incorporates our unique, clinically proven and patented KYnergy infrared emitting textile technology.

We designed and engineered our specialist sportswear to allow the wearer to push harder, go further, and recovery quicker. KYMIRA Sport has now been worn in every continent and is sold globally.

Behind the scenes, KYMIRA is conducting government funded R&D and is currently developing wearable technologies including energy harvesting and e-textiles for the primary usage within the health, fitness, and medical markets. Over the last year, KYMIRA has been developing fabric based thermoelectric, piezoelectric, triboelectric energy harvesters as well as wireless power transfer through strong magnetic resonance.

Our objective is to create comfortable functional garments, which can be washed, and do not include any bulky components to be used in continuous monitoring of the health/performance status of the wearer. At the Wearable Technology Show 2018 we will be exhibiting prototypes that were developed through the support of an Innovate UK Energy Catalyst grant.

WatchoverMe Ltd

WatchoverMe Ltd. brings next-generation wearable mobile phones and innovative teleheathcare technologies to the elderly market.

2.5 million elderly people have falls each year of which 194,000 are hospitalised. WatchoverMe have created an holistic solution where the Motapo®  phone accommodates the physical, cognitive and ergonomic demands of the elderly together with  predictive  technologies, a call centre, Wellness Portal and a falls prevention routine.

Our National Falls Prevention Campaign will motivate 6m “Assisted Living” consumers and their loved ones to embrace the new phone and a four-point falls prevention and rehabilitation strategy.  Target: 250,000 less falls.

WatchoverMe is pleased to collaborate with Brighton University, at the Brighton Product Lab where our aquaprinted and removable enclosures are designed – bringing an improved and world-first standard of aesthetics and functionality to discerning elderly mobile phone consumers.


IceRobotics is a world-leading developer and provider of specialist data collection and analysis products for monitoring dairy cow behaviour.

Our products were first adopted by animal behaviour scientists across the world for their research into livestock health, welfare and productivity; and they are now being increasingly used by top performing dairy farmers and their advisors.

IceRobotics is the creator of the IceTag, the world’s first wireless sensor for monitoring behaviour in cattle. Subsequently, we have generated global acclaim amongst the international scientific community for our small and light IceQube sensor. Both sensors are being extensively used in ground-breaking research into the links between cow behaviour and health, welfare and management practice. We lead and participate in national and international research projects and are working with recognised experts to make sure our products are practical, state-of-the-art and cost effective for use in progressive dairy herd management.

We will be demonstrating our flagship product CowAlert® in operation on various farms around the world. This provides unique information and insights into animal health to help farmers achieve the best results for their dairy herd. The most recent feature to be added involves the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to identify lame animals and thereby prompt early intervention. Fertility issues and other health issues or farm management problems can also be identified through the data from the sensors. CowAlert is helping to optimise the wellbeing of every cow and maximise herd performance and standards of animal welfare in dairy farms across the world.

University of Exeter, The GraphExe Team

The GraphExe team are exploring the commercial potential of emergent research conducted by scientists at the Centre for Graphene Science at the University of Exeter.  This research has the capacity to reduce the cost and radically enhance the electrical, optical and mechanical properties of a wide range of products spanning a broad spectrum of industrial activity.

The GraphExe team are exploring the business case for solutions that include: patented conductive films that overcome the limitations of other materials; conductive inks that meet the demands of the emerging flexible electronics industry; nano-additives that can enhance the physical properties of composite materials.

Venturing into the e-textiles, a pioneer method to coat textile fibres with different types of graphene has been developed by us. We have already demonstrated our first prototypes of wearable sensors and light-emitting devices based on graphene-coated textiles and other flexible substrates.

We are going to be showing our prototypes for textile touch screens, textile and flexible light-emitting devices and our environmentally friendly 2D-material inks for conductive coatings and composite reinforcement.

Footfalls & Heartbeats (UK) Limited

Footfalls & Heartbeats founder Simon McMaster wants to change the world and has developed smart textile platform technologies which provide true wearability, towards being ‘disappearable’, where “the textile is the sensor”.

We customise textile sensing systems to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Markets for FHL’s technology are diverse and include the field of sports, medical, defence and automotive. The smart fabrics produced are cost effective, being composed of non-proprietary yarns and knitted on commercial knitting machines.

Applications may also include, but are not restricted to, monitoring of athlete performance, wound care, compression garment systems, remote monitoring of health and physiological symptoms for the elderly and defence personnel and vehicle safety systems. Measuring your grandmother’s breathing and heartrate in a comfortable vest will be just as easy as determining your maximum respiration rate after a hard run or cycle.

An early application for our technology is a relative pressure sensing sock, which gives live visual feedback to the user of pressures across the foot. Data can alternatively be monitored by exception and the user notified when an event of note occurs. This provides essential information for various applications in multiple market areas. Within healthcare this includes, but is not limited to, gait analysis and elderly monitoring.

Meet our smart textile innovation team on the KTN stand for a demonstration.


SwimAR is a high-tech heads-up display that fits to swimming goggles. For the first time ever, swimmers can see their time, distance and lengths without interrupting their training.

SwimAR has been developed by the team at The Imagination Factory, a product design and creative engineering agency in West London.

The idea originated when one of the founders of The Imagination Factory was training for a Triathlon and realised he could buy a running watch and cycling computer but there was nothing to help him with swim training beyond waterproof watches.

SwimAR is based around a Sony holographic waveguide which has been integrated into a waterproof design that fits to a broad range of goggles. The cutting- edge display provides augmented reality information overlaid onto the swimmer’s field of view. Embedded sensors within the product automatically count laps by detecting when the wearer changes direction at the end of the lane. At the start of the training session the swimmer enters the pool length using a couple of buttons on the side of SwimAR and the stroke rate they are aiming to train at. SwimAR then takes care of the rest so that the athlete can focus on form.

A prototype of SwimAR is currently being tested by a number of elite athletes and their feedback is going into the development of the first version of the product which is due to be launched by the end of 2018.

DZP Technologies Ltd

DZP Technologies Ltd is a leading developer of innovative specialty materials for emerging industries, from consumer electronics and wearables, to 3D-printing and renewable energy.

We will be showcasing our latest conductive inks and adhesives which offer superior performance in terms of stretchability, washability and user experience, enabling truly wearable electronics.

Our electronic materials are specially designed to be seamlessly integrated into textiles and wearables to enable light-up clothing, heating gloves and wearable sensors. Wearables produced with our inks and adhesives will be available for demonstration at the stand.

In addition to standard, off-the-shelf inks and pastes, DZP develop and produce bespoke formulations which are manufactured for individual customers and are tailored for specific processes or manufacturing plants. We work directly with brand owners to develop and add new functionalities to their wearable products.

DZP specialises in aqueous materials and formulations which are both user- and environmentally-friendly. These materials provide a cost efficient alternative to conventional organic solvent systems which not only pose health risk to users, but also have hidden costs for solvent reclamation and regulatory compliance. With constantly improving performance and clear cost advantages, aqueous systems could emerge as the preferred technology of the future.

Brook Innovations

Brook Innovations is now the umbrella of brands such as Global Tech, CPR Call Blocker and WATCHU.

We create helpful products for everyday life.  People are the heart of what we do, we innovate to make life easier and safer for them.

We develop technology to make a better everyday life. Our core value is to provide customers with a product that genuinely improves their wellbeing and gives them peace of mind.  This is why we are a Trading Standards approved company manufacturing selling Police approved equipment.

Our solutions are innovative and provide alternatives to the current solutions that often stigmatise wearers and merely limit themselves to calling 999, thus using an overstretched emergency service to support their business model.

Our solution creates community networks and reduces the pressure on the emergency services.  This is why a number of Police forces and NHS CCGs are using our equipment.


Pireta create smart textiles by adding conductivity to fabrics at any stage, from yarn to completed garment, without affecting handle, drape or stretch.

Examples will be exhibited of wearable technology made possible by Pireta, including interconnected sensors with functional electronics soldered directly to the textile.

*Image courtesy of Felcana

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