MBDA Innovation Challenges 2018

Posted on: 02/08/2018

KTN is supporting defence company MBDA to find collaboration partners to ensure their products stay at the cutting edge of technology.

The Challenges

  • Electronics, RF and EO
  • Materials, Structures and Manufacturing
  • Algorithms, Modelling and Computing

Electronics, RF and EO

1. High Temperature Systems

Technologies that enable operation of electronics, RF and electro-mechanical systems in high temperature environments.

2. Compact Connections

Space efficient means of connecting electronic systems to reduce the complexity of wiring and allowing miniaturisation of dense electronic stacks.

3. Novel Power Systems

Technologies to provide power for enclosed, long life systems that often experience long periods of dormancy.

4. Miniaturised Sensors & Systems

Miniaturised sensors for structural monitoring, environmental data loggers, switched reluctance motors and bi-directional RF datalinks (UHF through to Ka-band)

5. Distributed Detectors

What is the most economical way of combining IR and RF sensors in a limited volume?

Materials, Structures and Manufacturing

6. High Temperature Smart Materials

Smart materials to enable actuation in high temperatures. MBDA is also interested in lightweight compact technologies that act as a variable thermal conductive path (ie switch or diode) between electronic equipment.

7. High Temperature Materials & Bonding

High temperature magnets, bearings and lubricants that operate in harsh environments (-40oC to 200oC). Interested in novel high-temperature bonding of dissimilar materials e.g ceramic and metallic.

8. Surface Treatments & Coatings

Interested in novel cost effective solutions for the following surface treatments: Chromate free, REACH compliant anti-corrosion treatments. Cost effective coatings that can be applied to lead free RF designs. Nano-metallic coating technology.

9. Optic Materials & Coatings

Interested in protective (scratch and dirt resistant) transparent coatings for sensors and optical communications, AR coatings with tailorable properties.

10. Manufacturing Methods

Interested in methods for joining dissimilar materials at low temperature e.g. ceramic-metal joint. Also interested in short-term high temperature testing methodology.

11. Analysis & Acceptance of Anisotropic Materials

Interested in structural analysis techniques and methods of acceptance for anisotropic materials.

Algorithms, Modelling and Computing

12. Embedded Edge Computing

Interested in robust, low power embedded computing solutions that are able to host intensive operations. Also unpowered memory storage that remains viable for 20 years without being powered up.

13. Non-GPS Navigation

Technologies promoting long term accurate navigation solutions in small package volumes. Options may include novel sensors and algorithms

14. Image Enhancement Techniques

Image enhancement techniques that may be used to address the following classes of effects: e.g. optical distortions and aberrations (such as blurring) related to properties of the imaging system, atmospheric distortions, image processing corruptions (such as compression/transmission losses) on encrypted signals

15. 3D Object Generation

Techniques to generate a 3D model of a scene from randomly placed and directed imagery where either the camera or the object may be moving against a background.

Interested? Next step?

Register on the MBDA Innovation Gateway and submit a short outline of your proposal. The intention is to apply for defence and civil institutional funding to develop solutions, with the aim of sustaining the resulting technology in the civil sector.

There should be sufficient detail to attract the interest of our technical experts without the need to put a non-disclosure agreement in place.

If selected you will be invited for a brief one to one discussion with MBDA’s technical experts in order to determine the viability of any project and a way ahead.


Outline responses to be received by 28th September 2018. Feedback and one to one sessions to be arranged throughout October 2018.


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