Mapping the UK Centres of Excellence involved with Sensor Systems

Posted on: 14/08/2017

The KTN is working on providing a landscape map of UK Centres of Excellence covering Sensor Systems.

The term Sensor Systems covers systems that contain the initial data processing of the sensed data as well as the sensing element itself.  These embedded elements are the foundation of many of the systems that support our digital age and modern society.  However, as they are a horizontal technology applied across all industries it can be hard to collect information on who is active and where to go for expertise and collaboration.

We are working with the Sensor Industry Leadership Council and EPSRC to produce a map of the UK based Sensor Systems “Centres of Excellence” so that we can signpost¬†UK capability and make connections between industry need and UK expertise.

At present, we are using the term “Centre of Excellence” in a broad¬†context ¬†that includes organisations funded to provide industry support such as CENSIS, Sensor City, Centres of Doctoral Training (CDT) or NPL – as long as they are activity developing or using¬†sensor systems. ¬†A “Centre of Excellence” must have an identity – so academic groups working on the subject within a university department won’t be included.¬† You must be able to contact a centre – they will almost certainly have¬†a website and contact point etc. ¬†Companies or Consultancies that use sensor systems will not be included in this work unless they contain a part that forms for example, a “Centre of Excellence” such as a¬†Training Centre that worked for other¬†companies as well.

We are particularly interested in “Centres of Excellence”¬†outside the ICT sector, so a centre that covers agri-tech or healthcare but has work on sensing and data processing¬†would count.

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In order to collect data on the UK Sensor Systems CoEs we have created a survey for people to enter information on organisations that they know or use:  You can complete this survey multiple times to enter details of several centres.

We will review information entered and then look at websites and contact the organisation to collect any missing details on their size, areas of interest, engagement with industry etc. Рso the focus here is to get an initial set of connections.

You can just send an email with organisation details, instead of completing a form. For more details  contact Nigel Rix.

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