Manufacturing companies see massive potential in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Posted on: 20/03/2018

KTN explored the importance of data collection and how processes can be optimised using robotics and artificial intelligence.

A recent KTN event hosted at the MTC looking at Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 4Manufacturing highlighted that manufacturing companies are challenged when it comes to deciphering all the data that they are presented with on a daily basis and exploring how new technologies such as robotics will deliver efficiencies to the production line.

In the following videos we hear from manufacturing, robotics and AI companies on their thoughts on the event and the challenges and opportunities facing their sectors.

Jessica Watts from Robotics Automation Solution provider Reeco highlighted that resistance to change is one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturing companies.



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Mark Dawson from Abbey Group highlighted their main challenges are around understanding the data they currently have and capturing better data to improve efficiencies.  Skills shortages are another key challenge for their business to deliver new opportunities.


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Paul Gott from Oxford Engineering highlighted that they are aiming to double the size of the business over the next 5 years and one of the biggest challenges is finding the skillset to make that happen and Robotics and AI will play a massive part in this.


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Luke Watkins from Flexciton explains how AI can provide significant efficiencies within manufacturing businesses.

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Martyn Lucas from Carapace Slate looks at the challenges of bringing smart manufacturing systems into industries that don’t normally adopt those types of technologies.

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