Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (mKTP): Funding opportunity and Webinar briefing

Posted on: 10/07/2020
KTP meeting

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How agile and adaptive is your management structure and team?

Now more than ever, companies need to be able to adapt, build resilience and be ready to innovate. That means having highly effective management.

Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (mKTPs) are designed to help businesses deepen their management expertise and increase their management capability and effectiveness by linking them with Business Schools to deliver a strategic management project.

This webinar tells you everything you need to know about mKTP, about how you can apply for mKTP funding, and also includes insights from companies already engaged in mKTP.



Jody Chatterjee, Knowledge Transfer Adviser, KTN
Mark Lynch, Knowledge Transfer Adviser, KTN
Jim Berryman, Knowledge Transfer Adviser, KTN
Richard Lamb, KTP Programme Manager, Innovate UK,
– Ian Thomson, Company Director, I P I G Ltd (Inspiring Projects Involving Glass)


What the Webinar will cover:

The webinar is your chance to discover more about how KTPs work, and what the specific opportunity is for companies that may wish to participate in a Management KTP. KTN’s specialist Knowledge Transfer Advisers will provide a guide to the application process, the management areas covered by the mKTP and the types of companies most likely to benefit from participating in a mKTP. There will be a chance to hear from a company partner involved in a mKTP project.

Glasgow-based glass specialist, IPIG, in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland is using its mKTP to “undertake a market-led strategic change and business development project: optimised business processes, management systems, a customer-centric culture and greater strategic agility”.

In just an hour, this webinar will provide a comprehensive guide to mKTP so you have all the information you need to apply in time for the current mKTP funding competition.



10.00am Welcome by host – Jody Chatterjee, Knowledge Transfer Adviser, KTN
10.05am Introduction to mKTP – Richard Lamb, KTP Programme Manager, Innovate UK
10.10am About mKTP – Jody Chatterjee and Mark Lynch, Knowledge Transfer Advisers, KTN
10.25am Case Study – Jim Berryman, Knowledge Transfer Adviser, KTN & Ian Thomson, Company Director, I P I G Ltd (Inspiring Projects Involving Glass)
10.35am Q&A session
11.00am Close


Today, expanding management capability is more important than ever

As businesses change and have to find new ways of working in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, they will need to consider how to become more resilient. Evaluating management practices and leadership structures are pivotal to improving productivity, helping businesses plan ahead, adapt to challenges and build survival and success for the short, medium and longer term.

How have businesses responded in previous economic crises? How can business models adapt and businesses pivot to counter and overcome challenges? We look at how mKTP can help navigate the journey ahead, providing expertise and support to help businesses succeed.

Funded by the UK government department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy through Innovate UK, mKTPs can help organisations increase efficiency, adapt to new challenges and develop deeper resilience. To date 24 mKTPs have been funded by this programme and this webinar tells you all you need to know about how mKTPs work and how to apply for one.


What are KTPs?

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are dynamic, three-way partnerships that link a business, an expert academic team and a suitably qualified graduate. Together the KTP team collaborates to deliver a strategic project – sharing expertise, experience and resources to bring about change, embed knowledge and deliver growth. A unique type of match-funding, KTP is all about collaboration, with projects lasting from between 12 months to three years. Since the programme started, more than 12,000 KTP projects have made innovation happen right across the UK and in all sectors of the economy.


Register for the webinar here.

Find out more about mKTP here.


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