Livestock start-ups in the UK: A review of the innovation landscape

Posted on: 06/01/2022
Cows in barn with farmers

Our AgriFood team takes a deep dive into what innovation looks like for livestock start-ups in the UK in this review.

We’ve carried out an in-depth review of the 64 UK start-ups in the livestock sector so we could get a clear picture of the landscape.

This includes identifying which areas of livestock production are seeing innovation and which aren’t, as well as the number of start-ups for each area.

The review investigates where innovation is lacking within early-stage livestock companies, explores why this is, and what could be done to change this.

The review will also help to understand why UK AgriFood start-ups focused on livestock are perceived to be fewer than their counterparts focusing on other AgriFood areas, such as crop production or novel foods.

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