Life Sciences Industrial Strategy Update - Report

Posted on: 17/01/2020

Read the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy Update from The Office for Life Sciences.

The Office for Life Sciences (OLS) have published an independent report on the “Life Sciences Industrial Strategy Update”.


The report details the progress in delivering the Life Science’s Champion Professor Sir John Bell’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy which was published in 2017.¬† The report explains how “A substantial majority of the objectives in the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy have been met and more are being delivered now.”¬†Professor Sir John Bell outlines that, “One significant advantage of this Life Sciences Industrial Strategy is that it creates not only opportunities for economic growth but it also underpins a more efficient and effective health system.”


The report is split into 5 key themes:

  • NHS collaboration
  • business environment
  • reinforcing the UK science offer, including clinical research, data and genomics
  • skills
  • advanced therapies, including developing advanced therapies and advanced therapies manufacturing


Since the implementation of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, the new flagship Accelerating Detection of Disease programme has been launched, a 5 million volunteer cohort with genomic and phenotypic data, a Commercial Medicines Unit has been created, there has been investment into the Alan Turing Institute for data science and artificial intelligence, and the world’s largest genomics project has been launched to deliver the whole genome sequencing of all 500,000 UK Biobank participants. Additionally, the Digital Innovation Hub Programme has been launched, which aims to enable a UK-wide life sciences environment that provides safe access to research-ready health data, technology and science, research and innovation services.


Please click here to view the report.

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