KTN's Wearable Tech showcase: a review

Posted on: 29/03/2019

KTN selected ten companies involved in emerging wearable technology to exhibit at the 2019 Wearable Technology show – they all pronounced it a success


This was the largest event for anyone working in or around wearables and augmented reality, and the companies were able to take advantage of an engaged audience of high-quality industry contacts to demonstrate their technology with applications ranging from health, neurotech and therapy to infrastructure and IoT; from AR/VR for manufacturing to emergency services and defence.


The KTN showcase technologies included a wearable glove that can detect and measure joint stiffness; an AI-enabled and cloud-connected wearable neuro-technology platform that translates brainwaves into control signals; wearable technology that fits into existing VR headsets and enables facial expressions, heart rate and indicators of emotional intent to be captured; ultra-thin, flexible batteries for use in wearable technologies; and a smart mobile device to allow people with disabilities to perform rehabilitation at home.  The exhibits were largely industry applications as these specific market applications will help to drive wearable industry, for example Bodytrak with an in-ear sensor to measure the physiological signals and wellbeing of first responders and military personnel, AR/VR for manufacturing training from KITAR and Gripable with rehabilitation tool for upper limb deficits.

The handpicked companies from the KTN network were:
·     ActionSense
·     Wearable Link
·     NeuroCONCISE Ltd
·     HP1 Technologies Ltd
·     BEST Group, University of Glasgow
·     Emteq Ltd
·     KIT-AR
·     Inova Design Solutions Ltd/Bodytrak
·     Zinergy UK LTD
·     GripAble

KTN published a booklet to highlight the showcase companies and it can be accessed here.


KTN regularly runs showcases at industry events allowing innovative companies access to industry contacts and potential partners.  The Wearable Tech event was hugely successful with some companies on the KTN stand overrun with queues of delegates interested in their products.  Tommy Williams of Wearable Link commented, ‘It was a very successful show, we talked to a number of major telecommunications and defence companies’ and Dilek Ozgit of Zinergy said, ‘We spoke to a number of prospective customers, in asset tracking and for the use of our flexible batteries in medical patches’.

KTN’s Knowledge Transfer Manager for Emerging Technologies and Industries, Monika Dunkel, hosted a panel session entitled “Emerging wearable technology: market trends and future opportunities”.

Tommy Williams, Founder and CEO, Wearable Link; Ravinder Dahiya, Professor of Electrontics and Nanoengineering, University of Glasgow; Leon Marsh, CEO, Bodytrak and Simon Julier, Co-founder, KIT-AR, four of the exhibitors from KTN’s showcase, were on the panel to discuss how they have tackled the challenges of launching a wearable technology product in the current competitive market. The panel also examined the specifics of an industrial market, partnering strategies and the convergence of technology to prevent overloading the users.  The large audience was interested in IP and the panel’s top tips for a successful market launch.

KTN’s expertise was in demand and Monika Dunkel was invited by Dr Jacob Skinner, CEO, Thrive Wearables, to discuss UK trends and industry experience on a panel on “Gaining traction and having impact with wearables”, alongside Stefan Chmelik from BioSelf Technology.  The panel was focused on compelling consumer wearable technologies, for example the sports industry using smart textiles and specialised products like smart googles to record lap times; the games industry where the use of AR/VR glasses has improved games and communication experience; and the wellness industry where applications for better sleep or stress-relief are leading the way.

KTN’s calls for showcase exhibitors are posted on our website and emailed to subscribers – you can sign up for regular updates in specific industry sectors.

If you would like to discuss how KTN can support your wearable technology, contact Monika Dunkel.

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