KTN's Innovation Exchange starts the year with a plethora of challenges

Posted on: 06/01/2021

KTN’s Innovation Exchange, which helps organisations look for game changing solutions to challenges and bring them to market faster, has an array of new challenges for innovators from a huge range of sectors to solve.

KTN’s Innovation Exchange is helping several organisations search for innovative solutions to real-world challenges. The challengers range from Artemis Technologies who is looking for battery systems for a zero-emission passenger ferry to the Department for International Trade who is collaborating with Indian city authorities to find improve waste management practices.

The advantage of the Innovation Exchange is that it allows organisations to tap into KTN’s diverse network to find novel solutions to industry challenges, often from outside their traditional sector. It is a mechanism to allow challengers to break sectoral barriers and access market-ready solutions.

Innovators get the opportunity to work with large corporates, often on a commercial basis, via a short application form, presenting their ideas. The challenge owner selects the ideas that are of best fit for solving their challenge and then looks to collaborate further.

Challenges live at the moment include:

GE Renewable Energy

Confidential challenge owners

Pilkington Technology Management Ltd

Greater South East Energy Hub

Artemis Technologies

Department for International Trade/Indian authorities #urbanchallenge


The current challenges have deadlines ranging from a few days time to a few weeks – for details, simply visit the website here which has details of all live challenges, the technical specifications and the key dates.

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