KTN works to raise the profile of innovation in the animal science sector

Posted on: 29/04/2020

KTN has been working with the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) to raise the profile of innovation in the sector, sponsoring two awards.



The Agri-Food team at KTN and BSAS have been working together to encourage the future generation of animal scientists to move into industry. KTN is sponsoring two BSAS Awards, the Steve Bishop Award and the Kevin Shingfield Award, both open to students.


The Steve Bishop Award is a scholarship for students and people early in their career in animal science. The award, worth up to £5,000, is for specific short research programmes and/or training opportunities in the UK, or overseas, with a new academic or industrial partner. This is encouraging new collaborations between academia and industry. The deadline for application is 30 June 2020. Click here for more information.


The Kevin Shingfield Award is for undergraduates and postgraduates students who excel in conducting scientifically excellent research. They can apply for up to £1,000 to cover attendance and accommodation at the 2021 BSAS annual conference. Applications close on 31st January 2021. Click here to find out more.


Lucy Mather, one of our Agri-Food Knowledge Transfer Manager was part of the organising committee for the 2020 BSAS Annual Conference. The conference was unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic but BSAS will make sure that none of the learning gathered during the preparation is lost by publishing an e-book including all of the conference abstracts. Lucy will also be involved in the planning of the 2021 conference.


The KTN Agri-Food team works with BSAS to continue to drive innovation in the UK, ensuring that the UK remains a world-class leader in innovation.


If you’d like to know how the KTN Agri-Food team can help you, click here.


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