KTN specialists in Artificial Intelligence give NHS Grampian a digital health boost

Posted on: 16/09/2019
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NHS Grampian faced a challenge of identifying the best way to harness its datasets for AI: collaborating with KTN helped  to solve the problem.

A team from KTN has supported NHS Grampian to harness its multiple data-sets and look in detail at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be introduced into its processes. KTN experts in AI and Health used knowledge and industry insight, combined with a tool developed by the KTN’s Design in Innovation Effectiveness team, to help NHS Grampian to build on its strength of internal collaboration and develop a partnership model to engage with specialist SMEs and attract funding.

NHS Grampian wanted to follow the national vision to create a tech-driven NHS and secure some of the benefits of introducing AI into its processes. Specifically, it realised the need to use its multiple data-sets to build capacity in the health and care systems and drive integration between primary, secondary and social care.

NHS Grampian, in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition, had created a safe haven, or a Trusted Research Environment‚ which securely holds the data and which enables its secure processing. The Grampian Data Safe Haven (DaSH) has a patient population of 500,000 but they faced a challenge of identifying the best way to harness its datasets for AI to benefit patients and health professionals. The collaboration with KTN helped solve this problem, and beyond.

There is a national shortage and strong competition for AI specialists and KTN sits in an advantageous position. It was able to use its internal expertise to identify the most appropriate AI specialists to work on this project.

KTN examined the use case and other information provided by DaSH to create a meaningful business opportunity. A design-led workshop was held to facilitate access to healthcare data-sets for innovative SMEs. The workshop applied a KTN tool called ‘Innovation Canvas‘ and took a human-centred examination of the use case, issued and developed propositions with the delegates around concepts that best fit their in-house capabilities. Businesses were encouraged to collaborate in order to be able to solve bigger and cover wider perspectives of the NHS challenges.

KTN supported Grampian NHS to:

  • Formulate innovative ideas
  • Formulate partnerships
  • Attract funding

Professor Stephen Logan, Chairman of ONE Life Sciences said:

“As an important part of the economy of the North East of Scotland, Life Sciences is a key focus of ONE’s overall strategic ambition. KTN is an important partner, along with the universities and NHS, in delivering this shared ambition to create a high growth, global centre for life sciences by linking industry to important research and knowledge and enabling companies to innovate and accelerate their growth.”

To read about this case in more detail, follow this link.

To find out more about KTN’s expertise in AI, contact Dr Caroline Chibelushi here.

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