KTN launches Medimap, an end-to-end UK landscape map covering the manufacture of medicines

Posted on: 31/03/2021

Medimap is a new interactive reference tool for the UK medicines sector, mapping and categorising over 3,000 sites of organisations engaged in or supporting the end-to-end supply chain for medicines.

The map has been developed by KTN and was supported by Innovate UK. It outlines a wide range of companies, public sector organisations and Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs) in the sector serving the entire supply chain. The map is made available for free through an interactive, web-based tool, providing users with new and searchable visualisations of the sector. The map showcases the UK’s excellent capabilities focussed on the discovery, development and manufacture of new medicines.

The UK medicines sector is renowned worldwide for its innovation ecosystem made up of world class micro, small and medium companies, as well as large, international organisations. The medicines sector is further supported by membership organisations and RTOs. UK pharmaceutical manufacturing alone contributes a GVA of over £6 billion a year to the UK economy and employs over 100,000 people.


What does the map include?

  • Over 750 organisations involved in the discovery and development of medicines
  • Over 350 organisations licensed to carry out medicines manufacturing (GMP, MIA and/or Specials) for clinical trials or market supply
  • More than 850 organisations supplying biopharma companies with equipment and reagents
  • Over 900 organisations providing professional services to companies with a drug pipeline, e.g. contract manufacturing
  • More than 250 underpinning sector relevant organisations such as membership organisations
  • Financial and employment information for the UK pharmaceutical manufacturing sector
  • An overview of organisations in the sector by UK region


How can Medimap help?

  • Supporting innovation by providing a searchable directory of relevant organisations with capabilities to transform innovation into products.
  • Identifying clusters of expertise to inform local, UK and global users about partnering and investment opportunities.
  • Providing information about gaps and opportunities supporting policy making.
  • Contributing to market intelligence such as identification of new collaborators, competitors and customers.


Michael Burnett, Knowledge Transfer Manager at KTN said:

“KTN have delivered a range of landscape maps in order to provide insights into the innovation landscape covering several sectors. Medimap demonstrates KTN’s knowledge of the end-to-end supply chain for medicines development and aims to provide users worldwide with detailed information of the relevant organisations in the UK ecosystem. We believe this is a tool that will benefit the UK medicines sector in its ambition to grow and remain world leading.”


Karen Wilkinson, Knowledge Transfer Manager at KTN added:

“Medimap highlights KTN’s network and knowledge of this important sector. This deep understanding of the ecosystem underpins our ability to drive positive change for the organisations we work with.”


Paul Bello, Innovation Lead – Industrial Biotechnology at Innovate UK said:

“Medimap is an excellent tool that provides an unrivalled source of information about the UK medicines sector. Access to this data will enable a variety of outcomes, such as new collaborations, which altogether will help UK organisations to thrive in the sector and improve the UK’s ability to bring new medicines to the market.”


You can view the map here.

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Medimap is a new interactive reference tool for the UK medicines sector, mapping and categorising over 3,000 sites of organisations engaged in or supporting the end-to-end supply chain for medicines.

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