KTN-iX has new challenges – check the site to see if you could provide a solution

Posted on: 19/03/2019

KTN’s innovation eXchange site is regularly posting new challenges for innovative organisations to explore and solve.

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The KTN-innovation eXchange (KTN-iX) is an online platform that promotes innovation transfer, matching real industry challenges from large businesses to companies, often from other sectors, who can provide novel solutions to those challenges.

There are new challenges arriving on-stream frequently and they are divided into three broad areas – Offshore Wind Innovation Exchange (OWiX), Energy Systems Innovation Exchange (EnSiX) and Nuclear Innovation Exchange (NUiX).  KTN is keen to attract applications with innovative solutions from a range of sectors so would advise checking in with the site regularly to view the current challenges.

The challenges live on KTN-iX now include:

  • cleaning and preventing biofouling on offshore structures
  • heavy lifting of electrical equipment in dynamic offshore weather conditions
  • improving data collection for subsea inspection
  • connected data for improved efficiency of bolt torquing operations offshore
  • reducing the amount of reagent to clean pipes and vessels
  • detecting residual liquor and sludges in pipework and vessels
  • removing residue from inside pipework and vessels
  • field assessment of granular materials

The solution to these challenges could come from sectors as diverse as surface coating or robotics, Internet of Things or defence and security – the transfer of skills and knowledge from other sectors is a key driver for the platform.

Businesses who believe they can solve these problems can find out more and submit their response here.  The submissions will be assessed by KTN, their challenge partners and the challenge holders and the successful applicants will be given a commercial opportunity to develop their solution in conjunction with the challenge holders, with support from KTN and the wider Innovate UK network.

For more details about the KTN-iX and the challenges, visit KTN-iX.

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