KTN-iX challenge - changing human behaviours to combat climate change

Posted on: 07/11/2019

KTN-iX has listed a new challenge from ENGIE to identify innovative solutions that will help to instigate, facilitate and sustain these changes.

KTN and ENGIE are looking for innovative companies to come up with a novel solution to a new challenge.  If the UK is to meet its target of net zero emissions by 2050, then human behaviours will have to change at both an individual and organisational level.  ENGIE is interested in solutions that seek to change behaviour in ways that support the rapid transition to zero carbon.


Using KTN’s Innovation Exchange online platform promoting innovation transfer, ENGIE is looking for organisations in any sector who have innovative technology and can facilitate faster development of novel solutions to instigating this behaviour change.


The transfer of skills and knowledge from other sectors is a key driver for KTN-iX which makes the platform ideal for ENGIE which does not wish to limit solutions to particular aspects of behavioural change.  As such, any solution that can change behaviour in a way that supports the transition to zero carbon is of interest. That said, the following could be seen as example areas:

  • Gamification or nudging solutions
  • Accounting and offsetting platforms
  • Communication and training solutions
  • Education or incentivisation solutions
  • Cross cutting approaches in other sectors including, but not limited to, health, transport and education


Through this challenge ENGIE is looking to identify UK SMEs that it will invite to apply for Round 4 of the ENGIE UK Research and Innovation Clean Growth Innovation Fund. Only companies that are successful under this KTN-iX challenge will be eligible under Round 4.


ENGIE is actively looking for solutions that will produce tangible effects in the way individuals or organisations use energy and transport, resonate with audiences that are disengaged from the climate change debate with a clear roadmap to commercialisation.


The deadline for applications is 29 November and interested organisations should apply through KTN-iX here.

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