KTN is planning an Industrial Maths in Geospatial study group event

Posted on: 23/08/2019

KTN is now calling for a range of problems from industry sectors where location data plays a vital role for researchers to tackle

This is a call to industry to provide diverse problems for KTN’s Industrial Maths study groups as part of the Geospatial Insights Special Interest Group (SIG).


The Geospatial Insights SIG was launched in May 2019 to pioneer a broader access to, and a better use of, geospatial data to unlock its full potential.  Four key market sectors make up the geospatial industry as a whole, GNSS and positioning technologies, GIS/spatial analytics, earth observation and the global scanning market.


The study group will bring together a multidisciplinary group of researchers and industrialists from across the UK to work on three to four problems over three intensive days to come up with solutions.  The industry problems will focus around a central theme of geospatial data that could be applied to areas as diverse as health, infrastructure, finance, water, transport, digital, finance, retail and any others where location data plays a vital role.


How do I get involved?

There are two ways to be involved in this group:

  • Companies:¬†if you are a UK business and wish to pose a problem, please contact KTN‚Äôs Knowledge Transfer Manager for¬†Industrial Mathematics, matt.butchers@ktn-uk.org¬†with a short description of the¬†challenge.
  • Researchers: if you are researcher from a UK university who wishes to take part, please¬†also contact¬†matt.butchers@ktn-uk.org.¬† There is a small charge for most participants.


Prior to the workshop, the research team and collaborators will identify companies who have interesting problems in this space and work them into challenge use-cases with accompanying datasets if appropriate.


Previous study groups have examined the application of mathematical sciences to develop solutions to challenges including using AI and Earth Observation to predict malaria outbreaks and visualising uncertain disease spread.


Other themes could include developing decision support tools which are able to realistically incorporate uncertainty estimates from multiple sources; how uncertainties propagate and ultimately how these feed into a decision-making process in an industrial and commercial context; assessing the value of multiple geospatial data sets to determine which provide useful information.


The three-day study group will provide a platform for researchers to consider industry problems and posit solutions derived from mathematical sciences. To date we have worked on problems from Mondelēz, PepsiCo, Tata Steel, National Grid, Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, iSardSat and HS2.


It is anticipated that the study group will take place early next year, but please do register to get involved now by contacting matt.butchers@ktn-uk.org.

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