KTN help Autocraft find the right digital solutions for their traditional manufacturing business

Posted on: 15/08/2018

Autocraft benefited from utilising the KTN’s network of like-minded innovators.

Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions is Europe’s largest independent engine builder for low volume and remanufactured engines.  Turnover has increased from £7 to £24million over the last few years, and as a business, their decision to adopt digital technologies to their production processes brought about critical business challenges. As a traditional manufacturing company, they were overwhelmed with the different opportunities digital could offer them; their biggest hurdle was understanding what type of digital to apply and where to apply it.

They approached the KTN for help who signposted them directly to the right people who can help them, introducing examples from other industries to demonstrate how effective these digital technologies can be. KTN helped Autocraft establish the needs of the business, focus on a defined plan of action, connect them with the right partners and identify funding channels to help implement digital technologies into their business. Autocraft benefited from utilising the KTNs network of like-minded innovators who helped fast track their move into digital manufacturing at a much lower risk than going it alone.

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