KTN and Ordnance Survey Announce Collaboration for Geospatial Insights Publication

Posted on: 23/06/2020

KTN and Ordnance Survey are pleased to announce the launch of a new publication: The Power of Place – A Sustainable Future with Geospatial Insights.



We are on the edge of a geospatial transformation. What started as a simple data set is now becoming a powerful geospatial knowledge infrastructure, integrating data from a plethora of other sources. These rich new insights translate into better decision-making, catalysing new products and services across all industries. It also has the potential to add billions to our economy, boost the quality of life among our communities, and help protect our planet.


In this context, Knowledge Transfer Network and Ordnance Survey are pleased to announce their collaboration in preparing The Power of Place – A Sustainable Future with Geospatial Insights – a thought leadership publication that explores the changing landscape of location intelligence and what it means for business as usual. The paper will be available to download starting 30 June on KTN’s website.


Luca Budello – Geospatial Lead at KTN: “I am super excited to launch this publication and support the geospatial community to meet the challenges and opportunities to grow the sector and realise its full potential. I think the publication supports the arguments of the newly released UK’s Geospatial Strategy very well and expands on the need for building a cross sector community of innovators that is able to think systemically and find solutions collaboratively.

Location data and applications are a key enabler of the autonomous, connected future we are building today, and this publication aims to showcase the power of place to build a more resilient and sustainable future. Thank you to Ordnance Survey to support this project, which I hope it will lead to further our shared ambition to bring Geospatial intelligence at the forefront of the innovation challenge.”


Nic Hamilton, Senior Content Lead, Ordnance Survey: “Everything happens somewhere, and the ability to capture every event and predict a trend in a location context is becoming easier. Location’s role in enabling powerful data analysis and organising vast quantities of data shows how central geospatial is to new technologies and processes. We are pleased to co-author The Power of Place and articulate the rise of geospatial in shaping our world with positive impact.

In this report we bring together experts from across the geospatial spectrum to discuss why geospatial thinking and processes are shifting the way we organise our societies to meet economic, environmental and societal challenges. We’re grateful to the Knowledge Transfer Network for the opportunity to collaborate on this report. As the national mapping service for Great Britain and a world-leading geospatial data and technology organisation, we’re helping unlock the power of place.”


In support of the launch, KTN will also be hosting a series of four webinars exploring the role of geospatial insights in building a more sustainable, resilient future. During the first session on 30 June, we will look at the importance of building a collaborative economy, and its role in unlocking data from silos, using collective intelligence tools to harnesses knowledge across sectors.


This event will be particularly relevant for policy and decision makers, as well as innovation leads working in the Infrastructure, Transport, Maritime, Finance and Sustainability sectors.

For more details and registration, CLICK HERE.



About KTN – Connecting for Positive Change


KTN creates the diverse connections that enable positive change. Our knowledge and expertise enable innovators to transform bright ideas into real-world solutions. Our powerful industry and academic connections can guide entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies through the complex challenges of bringing new products, processes and services to market.


KTN’s Geospatial Insights Special Interest Group (SIG) exists to connect data holders and data processors with users that can derive value from the insight geospatial data provides. Topics that have been explored in the SIG include the maintenance of infrastructure assets using geospatial data, the optimal placement of trees for mitigation of flooding, topography and its effect on our highways and the new applications enabled by High Altitude Pseudo Satellites.


For further information on how Geospatial 2.0 can benefit your business, click here.


About Ordnance Survey


Ordnance Survey (OS) is the national mapping service for Great Britain, and a geospatial data and technology organisation. As a reliable partner to government, business and citizens across Britain and the world, our trusted data provides location insight for positive impact.


OS expertise and data supports efficient public services and infrastructure, new technologies in transport and communications, national security and emergency services and exploring the great outdoors. By being at the forefront of geospatial capability for more than 225 years, we’ve built a reputation for world-leading geospatial expertise.

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