Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) seeks to help improve attendance for mental health appointments

Posted on: 26/02/2020

KTP between University of Bath and Mayden aims to develop and test a model to predict engagement in IAPT services.


The University of Bath and Mayden, who provide cloud based technologies to support patient care, are embarking on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funded by Innovate UK which aims to develop and test models to predict whether a patient will attend their therapy appointments over the course of their referral for a mental health problem.


Two-thirds of people in England, Scotland and Wales say that they have experienced a mental health problem, and collective mental health is deteriorating, according to The Mental Health Foundation. In 2008, the National Health Service (NHS) implemented the improving access to psychological therapies (IAPTs) programme across England, and this programme now sees over 1.6‚Äâmillion new referrals per year, with 193 services providing evidence-based treatments for people with depression and anxiety disorders, including children.


The KTP will undertake research to help predict attendance at IAPT services and has already resulted in a paper being published in the BMJ’s Evidence Based Mental Health titled Predicting patient engagement in IAPT services.


Geraint Jones, the Knowledge Transfer Adviser for the project from the KTN commented,

“This is a perfect example of how KTP Associates leverage the expertise from the UK’s world class academic teams Рproviding improved economic performance for companies and wider social impact; invaluable data to benchmark and further the impact of research; and a fantastic career development opportunity for the Associate.”


Read the full story on the KTP site here.


If you think a KTP could help your organisation innovate for growth and increased impact, find out more about the programme here.

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