Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) helps create Christmas Cake Gin!

Posted on: 18/12/2019

Warner’s Distillery and the University of Nottingham collaborate to create distinctive distillations, whatever the season.


A new KTP collaboration between Warner’s Distillery and the University of Nottingham (UofN) is helping power the science behind delicious distillations, including its Christmas Cake Gin. The KTP is focused on developing a deeper understanding of the interactions between botanical ingredients in the distilling and post-distillation process; and the desired outcome of the three year KTP project will be to improve quality, drive new product development and promote consumer engagement for increased sales.


The team is now six months into the project, and Jeremy Stephens, Distilling & Technical Director from Warner’s Distillery commented: “After the success of last year’s sell out limited edition which saw 700 bottles sold in 30 hours, Warner’s recently released 2019 version of Christmas Cake Gin is inspired by a traditional homemade Christmas cake. Here at the distillery, the team has created this delicious gin by deconstructing typical natural flavours and rebuilding them back up to create the final gin using a range of botanicals including juniper, cacao and sloe berries. Innovative processing included the maceration of these sloe berries prior to distillation. Through the KTP programme, in partnership with UoN, I’m analysing Warner’s Christmas Cake Gin through GC-MS and HPLC to better understand the process behind re-distillation of macerated fruits. This work will help us with the company’s sustainability goals and aid in future innovation!”


As with all KTPs, the Associate Рa talented graduate or post graduate Рplays a key role in the project’s development, acting as the interface and conduit of knowledge between the company and the academic teams. Here the KTP Associate is Rachel Sutherland who commented: “The KTP project has seen results from a variety of R&D projects. The opportunity to combine this R&D with qualification in Sensory Science at the University of Nottingham Рas well as a variety of both business and scientific courses Рhas provided a great opportunity for me. The near future should also see the University of Nottingham presenting results at conferences and the publication of scientific papers Рso KTPs really do benefit all partners involved.”


In a highly competitive market, Warner’s sees the development and transfer of knowledge enabled by a KTP as being a key part of its commitment to maintaining a market leading position.


Funding competitions for KTPs are open throughout the year, and the next competition closes on 4 March 2020. If you think a KTP could benefit your organisation, get in touch with one of our specialist Knowledge Transfer Advisers today.


About Warner’s

Listed as the UK’s No.1 super premium gin and the 12th fastest growing company this year, Warner’s Distillery began in 2012 on Falls Farm, Harrington. At Warner’s the belief is real craft means graft and everything we do is focused on bringing people together. The Warner’s range now contains eight commercial products along with a variety of limited editions gins with constant ongoing innovation.


About Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPS) create a three-way collaboration between a forward-thinking organisation, a team of UK academic experts and a suitably qualified graduate or post-graduate (the KTP Associate). Together the partnership works to realise a strategic innovation idea.


Since the programme was introduced over 40 years ago, more than 12,000 companies have participated in KTPs, and today there are nearly 800 companies, over 100 Knowledge Bases (UK universities or research institutions) and over 850 KTP Associate places involved in these unique collaborations. (You can find some current KTP Associate vacancies here).


Applications for funding are available throughout the year and are welcomed from organisations across all sectors of the UK.


If you think a KTP or a Management KTP (focused on expanding management capability) could help your organisation innovate for growth, talk to one of our specialist Knowledge Transfer Advisers today.

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