Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences - Are we Doing the Best we Can? Your Input Needed!

Posted on: 21/04/2017

Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences

The UK has a long, illustrious history in knowledge discovery in the mathematical sciences. How mathematical scientists work together and with the wider economy could be key to unlocking the productivity problem the UK currently has.

KTN and EPSRC are supporting a review of Knowledge Exchange (KE) in the mathematical sciences  It is vital for the future growth of the UK to capture the knowledge generated by the UK mathematical science base and we are keen to explore how these activities can operate with maximum efficiency,  and capture good practice for the benefit the UK.

The Review Chaired by Philip Bond of the Council for Science and Technology will gather evidence this year to be reported back with recommendations in early 2018.

We need input from as wide a community as possible (those who work across the mathematical sciences, and those who currently do not) to understand why people engage, what stops KE happening, and how the UK can be better in harnessing the huge potential. As such, an important part of the review process is the evidence gathering stage which these surveys are a part of.

‚Ä¢¬†¬† Expectations, Motivations and Experiences¬†- the first survey¬†aims to gauge what peoples expectations, motivations and experiences are when engaging in KE in mathematical science (which could include research and business KE and inter- disciplines KE) for various kinds of end-users.¬†It is important for the review that those who do not engage currently with mathematical scientists also take part and complete as much of the review as is possible.¬†See the link to the first online survey –¬†

•   Case Study Gathering - the second survey aims to gather examples of current or recent KE activities within the mathematical sciences. We are particularly interested to identify examples of KE from more fundemental areas of research, and examples where difficulties were encountered. See the link to the second online survey -

Please feel free to complete, one, none or both of the surveys based on your experiences Рand by all means, feel free to forward this message onto other colleagues who may be interested and able to help Please note both surveys close on the 23rd May 2017

Please contact Matt Butchers for further information.

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