It's all in the name! - CyberASAP project titles released

Posted on: 09/07/2019

Project titles announced for Cyber Security Academic Startup Accelerator Programme (CyberASAP)


From AngelPass to VACCYNE, CRAB to PITCH, the names of projects from the 19 universities selected for this year’s CyberASAP have started to emerge, as each team also crystallises their project ideas into just 30 words.

CyperASAP* is designed to help fast track the commercialisation of strong academic ideas in the cyber security space. Essentially, the programme exists to help turn great concepts and research in to great products or services.

“CyberASAP…. has helped me understand that taking products to market requires a very different approach than traditional research. The market validation bootcamp has allowed us to ask the right questions to the right people, giving us the necessary skills to evaluate how our research-based business idea would fit in the cyber security market” РJorge Blasco Alis, Lecturer, Royal Holloway, University of London.

The projects in this year’s cohort are as diverse as they are interesting: from spotting shifts in employee behavior (360HR Cyber Health, from Goldsmiths) to “PhishAR: your employees’ augmented reality vaccine against cyber attacks” (University of Oxford); and Verifiable Credentials, the University of Kent’s project to create electronic versions of everything from passports to qualifications; to the University of Gloucester’s BioGenerate “generating true random numbers from the body’s physiological signals….for when quantum is just not random enough” Рthe range of ideas spans the entire cyber security landscape and also includes:

  • training thrills (University of Brighton‚Äôs CyberspaceTraining)
  • ‚Äúan e-Guard which empowers and protects Smart Homes and SMEs‚Äù (Teeside University‚Äôs Risk2IoT@Home)
  • Royal Holloway‚Äôs Seclea ‚Äúmaking Machine Learning Secure and Explainable‚Äù
  • the University of Southampton‚Äôs CyRysk: ISO-Standard Automated Risk Assessment for IT Systems

The full list of projects is here.

“This is an exciting stage in each project’s evolution” commented Robin Kennedy who, together with Emma Fadlon, runs CyberASAP at the Knowledge Transfer Network. “Asking every team to come up with an appropriate product name and summary, based on a match between the unique attributes of their projects and the customer need, requires real focus. Using this to pitch their project ideas to potential investors is key. Skills and experience like this will be essential in helping these exceptional start-ups migrate to scale ups as their projects develop”.


This year’s CyberASAP starting cohort of 26 was whittled down to 19 of the strongest projects whose teams then had to survive the Market Validation Bootcamp.

“CyberASAP has been extremely valuable in communicating the importance of finding the right product market-fit, encouraging our team to take the time and energy for market validation, and in providing us with valuable feedback to carve out the unique selling points for our project”  - Ivo Sluganovic, Oxford University

The next stage of the programme sees the teams pitch their ideas to the expert Selection Panel to decide which projects will proceed to Phase Two: the Minimum Viable Product stage. Details will be announced shortly.

For more information and to register your interest in the programme, click here.



*CyberASAP is funded by the UK Government Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Network and Innovate UK.

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