ISCF: Steering a Path Towards Integrated Diagnostics

Posted on: 05/07/2019

A new ISCF competition, Steering a path towards integrated diagnostics, opens on 15 July 2019 with KTN holding a briefing event on 23rd July.

A new ISCF competition, Steering a path towards integrated diagnostics, opens on 15 July 2019. To support this competition we are holding a briefing and consortia building event on the 23 July 2019. The competition is being run by Innovate UK on behalf of UK Research and Innovation.


As part of the Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine ISCF Challenge, the competition calls for organisations to create consortia which will utilise the UK’s infrastructure, including but not limited to that funded by the NHS, UK Research and Innovation, and charities, to deliver integrated diagnostics for early detection, diagnosis and precision medicine. The activity will demonstrate the UK’s offering in providing an unparalleled ecosystem of support for researchers and developers in academia and industry to develop a new wave of products and services.

The competition will invest up to £17 million from the Challenge fund with an additional investment being finalised with CRUK.

On the day you will hear from the competition’s portfolio manager on how to apply for the competition, have an opportunity to hear from our co-investors, CRUK, and have an opportunity to ask detailed questions about the scope of the call.

The agenda for the day will focus on hearing from the community and we are inviting attendees to give a short presentation, in the order of 4 – 8 minutes, depending on the uptake of this opportunity, describing:-

  1. What your organisation does and what you can offer in taking an integrated diagnostics approach
  2. What you’re seeking

We are happy for these presentations to come from industry, academia, charities and healthcare infrastructure organisations or any organisation that can contribute to integrated diagnostic solutions. If you are interesting in taking up this opportunity, please register your Expression of Interest via the registration form before midday on Tuesday 16 July 2019 or via email to Giulia Boselli.

We are looking for consortia to take an integrated approach to delivering new diagnostic systems for early detection and diagnosis of diseases. Consortia must work with the UK’s health and care infrastructure to advance the development and evaluation of integrated diagnostic solutions. Consortia may consider integration across the healthcare continuum, in terms of technologies, data, care pathways and systems.

We are seeking to build on investments that have been made to date, either within this challenge (such as the digital pathology, radiology, and AI centres of excellence) by UKRI more broadly, or by other funders such as the National Institute for Health Research, CRUK and other charities.

Register today here.

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