Invitation to tender: The Future of Flight in a Connected World; the airports’ assessment

Posted on: 05/12/2017

KTN requires in-depth analysis of published reports by UK airports on passenger experience and surface access investment/plans past and future.

1. Background

The aviation sector delivers around £18 billion per annum to the UK economy and employs 220,000 people directly and many more indirectly. Globally, the UK has the third largest aviation network after the USA and China. The challenge is to keep people and goods moving efficiently, safely and cleanly whilst the demand for air travel grows 4% annually (from 2014 baseline levels; IATA).

A recent AOA report states that a 5% improvement in average journey times to and from airports could deliver a 2.7% increase in passenger numbers, generating an additional £1.9 billion for the UK economy and supporting an additional 32,000 jobs2. There is now a need to ensure a successful industrial innovation programme is in place to support businesses to develop new ideas to address the growing aviation challenges.

Innovate UK will publish its Delivery Plan for Connected Transport in 2018 and require a comprehensive assessment of the investment need for aviation.

KTN has delivered a suite of activities that has generated a significant amount of data to inform Innovate UK’s Delivery Plan. To support and strengthen the data collected thus far, a bench-marking exercise is required: An in-depth analysis of published reports by UK airports on passenger experience and surface access investment/plans past and future.

2. Services Required

a. KTN would like to commission a survey of published reports by airports on passenger experience, challenges and issues as well as understanding any past or future surface access investment/plans.

b. KTN requires an analysis on published reports from a minimum of 10 airports of varying sizes from locations across the UK, including at least one each from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

c. We are interested in learning about any innovations or initiatives implemented or planned by airports, local authorities or any aviation-related activity aimed at improving the transportation of passengers.

d. We are interested in understanding if any barriers or restrictions have been identified by airports or aviation-related organisations to implementing new technologies, infrastructure or initiatives aimed at improving passenger experience.

e. We expect the analysis of the >10 reports to include relationships and disparities between airports and regions.

f. We expect the analysis of the >10 reports to identify any regional-specific challenges passengers are likely to face accessing airports, their services and whole flight experience.

g. We would like to understand if there are any common challenges among UK airports relating to improving efficiencies in the movement of passengers.

h. Consideration may be required to differentiate the reports as to whether they are based on passenger feedback or a self-assessment. Hence, the information gathered from an airport may be from a passenger’s perspective (e.g. an airport may have conducted its own passenger survey) or from an airport’s assessment (e.g. assessments made based on analysing their own business operations and recognising opportunities for improvement).

3. Deliverables Required

a. A desk-based survey of published passenger experience reports from UK airports.

b. An analysis from a minimum of 10 airport reports from across the UK ascertaining challenges, opportunities, trends, barriers to innovation or implementation and regional differences.

c. The study should focus on the following attributes:

  • Surface access solutions
  • Passenger experience (what are the challenges, positive or efficient elements of the¬†passenger journey)
  • Door-to-door passenger journey
  • The business opportunities identified by airports to improve the passenger experience
  • Any identified barriers or restrictions to implementing any (business) changes aimed at creating efficiencies in passenger transportation
  • Patterns and trends
  • Regional specific challenges

d. A consolidated final research report and analysis in PDF including any Appendices. Any databases/raw material generated must be submitted also.

4. Fees

The fees for delivery of this service should not exceed £20,000 including VAT. This includes delivery of any raw data and original copy of the research report. Expenses will be paid as per the “KTN’s Terms and Conditions of Consultant Engagement – Company Edition”, which are provided separately.

5. Term and Expiry Date

The completion date of the Statement of Works is Friday 26th January 2018.

6. Submission

In response to this Statement of Works please provide the following information:

  • Technical Capability
  • A description of how you would meet the deliverables
  • Evidence of past or current similar work
  • Staff resources
  • Staff resources and CVs of senior management who will undertake the work
  • Legal information
  • Insurances in place
  • Partnerships or joint ventures with other organisations
  • Schedule of rates
  • Cost breakdown for all the deliverables detailed above
  • Additional Information
  • Any additional services you could provide to enhance the project scope


7. Principal Contact for the Invitation to Quote

Please direct any questions or communications on this Invitation to Quote to: Michelle Carter, Knowledge Transfer Manager: Aerospace and Aviation, KTN Tel: 07825 727712.

8. Terms and Conditions

This Invitation to Quote is subject to “KTN’s Terms and Conditions of Contractor Engagement – Company Edition”, which are provided separately.

The deadline for proposal submission is: Midday on Friday 15th December 2017

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