Invitation to tender: Expert Systems

Posted on: 28/11/2019

KTN wants to produce an automated self-service capability for our website that allows companies to access our expertise.

KTN wants to produce an automated self-service capability for our website that allows companies to access our expertise without necessarily talking to KTN personnel. We are looking to build this automated expertise by building a rank and recommendation graph database of what KTN offers. We are looking to serve companies through:

Automatically understand incoming requests using natural language processing.
Automatically guiding companies through a replica of the process that our experts currently run in person.
The MVP that this ITT looks to produce, aims to implement and test the desirability and functionality of this three-year vision. This ITT will be awarded to a supplier or partnership of suppliers that exhibit excellent technical development expertise and excellent UX/UI design expertise. KTN expects the chosen suppliers to work collaboratively providing the data architecture and the Machine Learning (ML) necessary to fulfil intelligent automation and an integrated, engaging and desirable user experience. Between Jan-April 2020, the successful supplier of the present ITT will deliver the most desirable elements of the three-year project and will pave the future development of the Expert Systems project for subsequent project work.

Services required

KTN are sourcing suppliers who can build on the foundations of the KTN’s graph database and ML models and provide expert design and developmental skills in the creation of a highly desirable and engaging UI for a website that interfaces with the graph databases and ML data architecture to map user requirements with KTN support. KTN also wants to build and refine the ‘Innovation Corpus’ and use it to identify appropriate solutions for user needs.

Read the full tender document and find out how to apply here



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