Integration of novel aviation technologies could cut costs by up to 48% in the way we move people, goods and services - new report suggests

Posted on: 10/02/2021

A report, commissioned by UKRI and the Future Flight Challenge, analysed six use-cases on their potential to boost the UK economy and deliver wider societal benefits.

Their findings suggest that the integration of new aviation technologies – drones or air taxis – will deliver valuable benefits by reducing costs, journey times and industrial accidents.

The report selected six use-cases, representing key applications of new aviation innovation in the UK:

  • Drones for powerline inspection
  • Drones for cargo (mail) delivery
  • Drones for last mile delivery of prescribed medicines
  • Sub-regional air taxi passenger transport from York to Preston
  • Rural air taxi passenger transport from village to village or village to town
  • Urban air taxi passenger transport in an urban area

Their analysis showed:

  • An overall net cost saving of between 20-48% across the use-cases
  • Safer working conditions in the powerline inspection sector
  • A reduction of journey times by up to 37% with the introduction of rural air taxis

These findings highlight the potential market opportunity that could be realised through the integration of drone and air mobility technologies, making a significant contribution to realising the potential impact of ongoing activities within the Future Flight Challenge.

Future Flight is a £125m Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programme aiming to revolutionise the way we fly people, goods and services. In line with this report, the challenge seeks to position the UK as a global leader in aviation technology, boosting the UK economy and delivering wider societal benefits.

Read the media release and full report online.

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